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In the Shadow of Overlords: Minor Royal Dynasties of the Classic Maya

Alexandre Tokovinine, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Fellow 2018–2019, Spring

My goals were to review the relevant literature for the introductory chapter of my monograph and to scout the library resources for the available publications on the Western Maya kingdoms. I completed these tasks, although the introductory chapter needs more work. I also did a preliminary analysis and a report on my last field season at Holmul, which was relevant to the Holmul chapter of the volume. It included a note on the recently discovered inscribed vessel that informs the relationship between Holmul and Naranjo in the mid-6th century. I contributed to a revised manuscript on the epigraphic, archaeological, and sedimental evidence of warfare at the site of Witzna to the north of Holmul. I also finished a manuscript on pilgrimage to the cave of Naj Tunich that describes the political and ritual networks in the eastern region of the Maya area. I continued working on the early Classic ball court marker from Uaxactun (another book chapter). Finally, I reviewed the Hellmuth archive and identified several previously unknown inscribed vessels and some cases of prerestoration photographs that clarify the texts on well-published artifacts.