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Dumbarton Oaks Papers (DOP), our annual journal

The annual journal Dumbarton Oaks Papers was founded in 1941 for the publication of articles relating to late antique, early medieval, and Byzantine civilization in the fields of art and architecture, history, archeology, literature, theology, law, and the auxiliary disciplines. Articles should be submitted normally in English or French. Preference is given to articles of substantial length, but shorter notes will be considered if they relate to objects in the Dumbarton Oaks collections. Articles should be prepared according to the submission guide, style guide, and list of abbreviations and submitted here. Inquiries should be sent to

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2017 (vol. 71)

Julian Baker, Turan Gökyildirim, and Filippo Dompieri. “The Reformed Byzantine Silver-Based Currencies (ca. 1372–1379) in Light of the Hoards from the Belgrade Gate.” Pages 273-336.
Anastasia Drandaki. “Piety, Politics, and Art in Fifteenth-Century Venetian Crete.” Pages 367-406. The article investigates early fifteenth-century religious paintings from Crete whose style and iconography betray a studied amalgamation of Palaiologan and Italian elements. In these works of pronounced hybrid character, multifarious iconographic subjects are conveyed with surprising stylistic diversity. The author investigates the motives behind the patrons’ choices and identifies the theological and devotional needs that shaped the mixed character of these paintings. The careful stitching together of elements from two different artistic and religious traditions becomes meaningful when examined against the complex historical background of Venetian Crete, especially at a time of intense debate over the burning issue of the union of the churches. Aspects of that debate, which divided the Orthodox population, can be discerned in religious paintings from other parts of the Byzantine world. In the Venetian colony of Crete however, this phenomenon takes on a distinctive local flavor, determined by the long term coexistence, struggles and interaction between the two communities on the island.
Christophe Erismann. “Theodore the Studite and Photius on the Humanity of Christ: A Neglected Byzantine Discussion on Universals in the Time of Iconoclasm.” Pages 175-192.
Joe Glynias. “Prayerful Iconoclasts: Psalm Seals and Elite Formation in the First Iconoclast Era (726–750).” Pages 65-94.
Florin Leonte. “Visions of Empire: Gaze, Space, and Territory in Isidore’s Encomium for John VIII Palaiologos.” Pages 249-272.
Vasileios Marinis. “The Vision of Last Judgment in the Vita of Saint Niphon (BHG 1371z).” Pages 193-228. This article offers a detailed study of the vision of the Last Judgment in the Life of Saint Niphon of Constantiniane, a text likely composed between the late tenth and early eleventh century. The vision includes various exceedingly interesting themes: a periodization of world history into seven aeons, an expansive list of sins and virtues, a temperamental Christ, and a highly original post-Judgment existence for the saved as an actual bridal chamber protected by orbiting angelic powers, where they lead a life of continuous praise in song. The article investigates the sources of the vision, its theological importance, and its place in Middle Byzantine apocalyptic literature. A corrected Greek text and English translation are also provided.
Maya Maskarinec. “Saints for All Christendom: Naturalizing the Alexandrian Saints Cyrus and John in Seventh- to Thirteenth-Century Rome.” Pages 337-366. This article examines the textual and material evidence for the Alexandrian healing saints Cyrus and John in seventh- to thirteenth-century Rome, tracing how the saints were progressively adapted to their Roman surroundings. The first section provides an overview of Sophronius’s profile of the saints; the second considers the excerpts from Sophronius’s hagiographic dossier that were translated from Greek into Latin and the frescos of the saints that were added to the church of S. Maria Antiqua; the third addresses Anastasius Bibliothecarius’s hagiographic dossier, later fresco evidence from S. Maria Antiqua and S. Passera, and an anonymous imaginative translatio that claimed the saints for Rome. The vicissitudes of the saints’ cult demonstrate how Rome’s shared Mediterranean ‘Byzantine’ heritage became increasingly ‘foreign’ in Rome and in need of naturalization.
Jordan Pickett. “Water and Empire in the De aedificiis of Procopius.” Pages 95-126.
Daniel Reynolds. “Rethinking Palestinian Iconoclasm.” Pages 1-64.
Athanasios K. Vionis. “Understanding Settlements in Byzantine Greece: New Data and Approaches for Boeotia, Sixth to Thirteenth Century.” Pages 127-174. This paper examines the evolution of settled space and settlement systems in central Greece from Late Antiquity – Early Byzantine times to the Frankish period, under the light of new archaeological evidence (surface ceramics, standing architecture), and the application of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and various theoretical approaches (central-place theory, historical geography).
Nikos Zagklas. “Experimenting with Prose and Verse in Twelfth-Century Byzantium: A Preliminary Study.” Pages 229-248. The twelfth century has often been described as a period of extended literary experimentation and innovation. This paper explores a hitherto unnoticed experimentation of this period, which emanates from the interaction between prose and verse across a wide range of genres. It argues that the nature of their interaction witnessed a shift in view of two popular twelfth-century practices: either single works whose narrative is a mixture of prose and verse, or two and even three separate works written in different forms (prose and verse) but for the very same occasion; the former can be termed “mixed works”, while the latter “diptychs” or “triptychs”. This is the first step to understand the synergy between prose and verse in Byzantium and the driving forces behind the composition of such literary hybrids.

2016 (vol. 70)

“The Holy Apostles: Dumbarton Oaks Symposium, 24–26 April 2015.” Pages 325-326.
Roland Betancourt. “Why Sight Is Not Touch: Reconsidering the Tactility of Vision in Byzantium.” Pages 1-24.
Heta Björklund. “Classical Traces of Metamorphosis in the Byzantine Hystera Formula.” Pages 151-166.
AnneLaurence Caudano. ““These Are the Only Four Seas”: The World Map of Bologna, University Library, Codex 3632.” Pages 167-190.
Niels Gaul. “All the Emperor’s Men (and His Nephews): Paideia and Networking Strategies at the Court of Andronikos II Palaiologos, 1290–1320.” Pages 245-270.
Scott Fitzgerald Johnson. ““The Stone the Builders Rejected”: Liturgical and Exegetical Irrelevancies in the Piacenza Pilgrim.” Pages 43-58.
Nadezhda Kavrus-Hoffmann. “A Newly Acquired Gospel Manuscript at Dumbarton Oaks (DO MS 5): Codicological and Paleographic Description and Analysis.” Pages 293-324.
Byron MacDougall. “Gregory Thaumaturgus: A Platonic Lawgiver.” Pages 25-42.
Przemysław Marciniak. “Reinventing Lucian in Byzantium.” Pages 209-224.
Charis Messis. “Les voix littéraires des eunuques: Genre et identité du soi à Byzance.” Pages 191-208.
Aglae Pizzone. “Audiences and Emotions in Eustathios of Thessalonike’s Commentaries on Homer.” Pages 225-244.
Ilene H. Forsyth with Elizabeth Sears. “George H. Forsyth and the Sacred Fortress at Sinai.” Pages 117-150.
Nicholas Warner. “The Architecture of the Red Monastery Church (Dayr Anbā Bišūy) in Egypt: An Evolving Anatomy.” Pages 59-116.
Christopher Wright. “Constantinople and the Coup d’État in Palaiologan Byzantium.” Pages 271-292.

2015 (vol. 69)

“Knowing Bodies, Passionate Souls: Sense Perceptions in Byzantium Dumbarton Oaks Symposium, 25–27 April 2014.” Pages 381-382.
Noël Adams. “Carbunculus ardens: The Garnet on the Narses Cross in Context.” Pages 147-158.
Panagiotis A. Agapitos. “Literary Haute Cuisine and Its Dangers: Eustathios of Thessalonike on Schedography and Everyday Language.” Pages 225-242.
Margaret Alexiou. “Of Longings and Loves: Seven Poems by Theodore Prodromos.” Pages 209-224.
Stefanos Alexopoulos. “When a Column Speaks: The Liturgy of the Christian Parthenon.” Pages 159-178.
Floris Bernard. “Humor in Byzantine Letters of the Tenth to Twelfth Centuries: Some Preliminary Remarks.” Pages 179-196.
Örgü Dalgiç. “The Triumph of Dionysos in Constantinople: A Late Fifth-Century Mosaic in Context.” Pages 15-48.
Antony Eastmond. “The Heavenly Court, Courtly Ceremony, and the Great Byzantine Ivory Triptychs of the Tenth Century.” Pages 71-114.
Niels Gaul. “Writing “with Joyful and Leaping Soul”: Sacralization, Scribal Hands, and Ceremonial in the Lincoln College Typikon.” Pages 243-272.
Timothy Greenwood. “A Corpus of Early Medieval Armenian Silver.” Pages 115-146.
Tera Lee Hedrick and Nina Ergin. “A Shared Culture of Heavenly Fragrance: A Comparison of Late Byzantine and Ottoman Incense Burners and Censing Practices in Religious Contexts.” Pages 331-354.
Mark Jackson. “2007–2011 Excavations at Kilise Tepe: A Byzantine Rural Settlement in Isauria.” Pages 355-380.
Jonathan Shea. “Longuet’s “Salonica Hoard” and the Mint of Thessalonike in the Mid-Fourteenth Century.” Pages 297-330.
Natalia Teteriatnikov. “The Last Palaiologan Mosaic Program of Hagia Sophia: The Dome and Pendentives.” Pages 273-296.
Angelina Anne Volkoff. “Komnenian Double Surnames on Lead Seals: Problems of Methodology and Understanding.” Pages 197-208.
Jeffrey Wickes. “Mapping the Literary Landscape of Ephrem’s Theology of Divine Names.” Pages 1-14.
Lain Wilson. “A Subaltern’s Fate: The Office of Tourmarch, Seventh through Twelfth Century.” Pages 49-70.

2014 (vol. 68)

“The New Testament in Byzantium: DUMBARTON OAKS SYMPOSIUM, 26–28 APRIL 2013.” Pages 405-406.
Massimo BernabÒ. “The Miniatures in the Rabbula Gospels: Postscripta to a Recent Book.” Pages 343-358.
Simone Beta. “An Enigmatic Literature: Interpreting an Unedited Collection of Byzantine Riddles in a Manuscript of Cardinal Bessarion (Marcianus Graecus 512).” Pages 211-240.
Antony Eastmond. “David Winfield: 2 December 1929 – 28 September 2013.” Pages 1-5.
Maria Evangelatou. “Threads of Power: Clothing Symbolism, Human Salvation, and Female Identity in the Illustrated Homilies by Iakobos of Kokkinobaphos.” Pages 241-323.
Ralph-Johannes Lilie. “Reality and Invention: Reflections on Byzantine Historiography.” Pages 157-210.
Christina Maranci. “The Archaeology and Reconstruction of Zuartʻnocʻ.” Pages 69-115.
Philipp NiewÖHner and Natalia Teteriatnikov. “The South Vestibule of Hagia Sophia at Istanbul: The Ornamental Mosaics and the Private Door of the Patriarchate.” Pages 117-156.
Werner Seibt and John Nesbitt. “Odd Surnames Beginning with Alpha: A Selection of Examples on Byzantine Seals in the Harvard Collections.” Pages 359-368.
Zaza Skhirtladze. “The Image of the Virgin on the Sinai Hexaptych and the Apse Mosaic of Hagia Sophia, Constantinople.” Pages 369-386.
Walt Stevenson. “Exiling Bishops: The Policy of Constantius II.” Pages 7-27.
Jack Tannous. “In Search of Monotheletism.” Pages 29-67.
Filip Van Tricht. “The Byzantino-Latin Principality of Adrianople and the Challenge of Feudalism (1204/6–ca.1227/28): Empire, Venice, and Local Autonomy.” Pages 325-342.
Suna Çağaptay. “Results of the Tophane Area GPR Surveys, Bursa, Turkey.” Pages 387-404.

2013 (vol. 67)

“Rome Re-Imagined: Byzantine and Early Islamic Africa, ca. 500-800: DUMBARTON OAKS SYMPOSIUM, 27-29 APRIL 2012.” Pages 323-324.
Paroma Chatterjee. “Viewing and Description in "Hysmine and Hysminias": The Fresco of the Virtues.” Pages 209-225.
Juan Signes CodoÑEr. “Melkites and Icon Worship during the Iconoclastic Period.” Pages 135-187.
A. Asa Eger. “(Re)Mapping Medieval Antioch: Urban Transformations from the Early Islamic to the Middle Byzantine Periods.” Pages 95-134.
Daniel Galadza. “Sources for the Study of Liturgy in Post-Byzantine Jerusalem (638-1187 CE).” Pages 75-94.
Charis Messis and Stratis Papaioannou. “Histoires “gothiques” à Byzance: Le saint, le soldat et le Miracle d'Euphémie et du Goth (BHG 739).” Pages 15-47.
John Nesbitt and Werner Seibt. “The Anzas Family: Members of the Byzantine Civil Establishment in the Eleventh Twelfth, and Thirteenth Centuries.” Pages 189-207.
Edward M. Schoolman. “Reassessing the Sarcophagi of Ravenna.” Pages 49-74.
Nicky Tsougarakis. “The Documents of Dominicus Grimani, Notary in Candia (1356-1357).” Pages 227-289.
Tomasz Waliszewski, Krzysztof Chmielewski, Mat Immerzeel, and Nada HÉLou. “The Church of Saints Sergius and Bacchus in Kaftūn (Northern Lebanon) and Its Wall Paintings: Preliminary Report 2009-2010.” Pages 291-322.
Martin Wallraff. “The Canon Tables of the Psalms: An Unknown Work of Eusebius of Caesarea.” Pages 1-14.

2011 (vol. 65/66)

“Saints and Sacred Matter: The Cult of Relics in Byzantium and Beyond: Dumbarton Oaks Symposium, 19 April — 1 May 2011.” Pages 367-368.
“Warfare in the Byzantine World: Dumbarton Oaks Symposium, 30 April — 2 May 2010.” Pages 365-366.
Dimiter G. Angelov. “The "Moral Pieces" by Theodore II Laskaris.” Pages 237-269.
John Cotsonis. “The Image of the Virgin Nursing (Galaktotrophousa) and a Unique Inscription on the Seals of Romanos, Metropolitan of Kyzikos.” Pages 193-207.
Florin Curta and Andrei GÂNdilĂ. “Hoards and Hoarding Patterns in the Early Byzantine Balkans.” Pages 45-111.
Vassiliki A. Foskolou. “Mary Magdalene between East and West: Cult and Image, Relics and Politics in the Late Thirteenth-Century Eastern Mediterranean.” Pages 271-296.
David A. Graff. “China, Byzantium, and the Shadow of the Steppe.” Pages 157-168.
John Haldon, Vince Gaffney, Georgios Theodoropoulos, and Phil Murgatroyd. “Marching across Anatolia: Medieval Logistics and Modeling the Mantzikert Campaign.” Pages 209-235.
Darlene L. Brooks Hedstrom, Elizabeth S. Bolman, Mohammed Abdel Rahim, Saad Mohammed, Dawn McCormack, Tomasz Herbich, Gillian Pyke, Louise Blanke, Tracy Musacchio, and Mohammed Khalifa. “The White Monastery Federation Project: Survey and Mapping at the Monastery of Apa Shenoute (Dayr al-Anba Shinūda), Sohag, 2005-2007.” Pages 333-364.
Kostis Kourelis. “Byzantine Houses and Modern Fictions: Domesticating Mystras in 1930s Greece.” Pages 297-331.
Anna Leone. “Bishops and Territory: The Case of Late Roman and Byzantine North Africa.” Pages 5-27.
J. A. McGuckin. “A Conflicted Heritage: The Byzantine Religious Establishment of a War Ethic.” Pages 29-44.
Robert S. Nelson. “"And So, With the Help of God": The Byzantine Art of War in the Tenth Century.” Pages 169-192.
Michael Roberts. “Light, Color, and Visual Illusion in the Poetry of Venantius Fortunatus.” Pages 113-120.
Alice-Mary Talbot. “George T. Dennis, S.J. 1923-2010.” Pages 1-4.
Luca Zavagno. “At the Edge of Two Empires: The Economy of Cyprus between Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages (650s-800s CE).” Pages 121-155.

2010 (vol. 64)

Stavroula Constantinou. “Grotesque Bodies in Hagiographical Tales: The Monstrous and the Uncanny in Byzantine Collections of Miracle Stories.” Pages 43-54.
Sviatoslav Dmitriev. “John Lydus and His Contemporaries on Identities and Cultures of Sixth-Century Byzantium.” Pages 27-42.
Sharon E.J. Gerstel. “Morea: The Land and Its People in the Aftermath of the Fourth Crusade: DUMBARTON OAKS SYMPOSIUM, 1-3 MAY 2009.” Pages 229-230.
Darlene Brooks Hedstrom, Stephen J. Davis, Tomasz Herbich, Salima Ikram, Dawn Mccormack, Marie-Dominique Nenna, and Gillian Pyke. “New Archaeology at Ancient Scetis: Surveys and Initial Excavations at the Monastery of St. John the Little in Wādī al-Naṭrūn.” Pages 217-227.
Cecily J. Hilsdale. “The Imperial Image at the End of Exile: The Byzantine Embroidered Silk in Genoa and the Treaty of Nymphaion (1261).” Pages 151-199.
Catherine Holmes. “Byzantine Political Culture and Compilation Literature in the Tenth and Eleventh Centuries: Some Preliminary Inquiries.” Pages 55-80.
Scott Fitzgerald Johnson. “Apostolic Geography: The Origins and Continuity of a Hagiographic Habit.” Pages 5-25.
Fotini Kondyli. “Tracing Monastic Economic Interests and Their Impact on the Rural Landscape of Late Byzantine Lemnos.” Pages 129-150.
Cyril Mango. “Ihor Ševčenko 10 February 1922 - 26 December 2009.” Pages 1-3.
Stratis Papaioannou. “Byzantine Mirrors: Self-Reflection in Medieval Greek Writing.” Pages 81-101.
Georgi R. Parpulov, Irina V. Dolgikh, and Peter Cowe. “A Byzantine Text on the Technique of Icon Painting.” Pages 201-216.
Rossitza B. Schroeder. “Transformative Narratives and Shifting Identities in the Narthex of the Boiana Church.” Pages 103-128.

2009 (vol. 63)

Chryssi Bourbou. “To Live and Die in a Turbulent Era: Bioarchaeological Analysis of the Early Byzantine (6th-7th centuries AD) Population from Sourtara Galaniou Kozanis (Northern Greece).” Pages 221-234.
Maria Evangelatou. “Liturgy and the Illustration of the Ninth-Century Marginal Psalters.” Pages 59-116.
Peter Grossmann, Darlene L. Brooks Hedstrom, Saad Mohamad Mohamad Osman, Hans-Christoph Noeske, Mohamad Ahmad Abd Al-Rahim, Tarik Said Abd Al-Fatah, Mahmud Abd Al-Mugdi, and Johann Wolfgang. “Second Report on the Excavation in the Monastery of Apa Shenute (Dayr Anba Shinuda) at Suhag.” Pages 167-219.
Peter Hatlie. “Images of Motherhood and Self in Byzantine Literature.” Pages 41-57.
Henry Maguire. “Ivories as Pilgrimage Art: A New Frame for the "Frame Group".” Pages 117-146.
Vasileios Marinis. “Tombs and Burials in the Monastery tou Libos in Constantinople.” Pages 147-166.
CÉCile Morrisson and Alice-Mary Talbot. “Angeliki E. Laiou 6, April 1941 – 11 December 2008.” Pages 1-14.
Robert Ousterhout, Zeynep Ahunbay, and Metin Ahunbay. “Study and Restoration of the Zeyrek Camii in Istanbul: Second Report, 2001-2005.” Pages 235-256.
Alexander Sarantis. “War and Diplomacy in Pannonia and the Northwest Balkans during the Reign of Justinian: The Gepid Threat and Imperial Responses.” Pages 15-40.

2008 (vol. 62)

Bogdan G. Bucur. “Foreordained from All Eternity: The Mystery of the Incarnation According to Some Early Christian and Byzantine Writers.” Pages 199-215.
R. W. Burgess. “The Summer of Blood: The "Great Massacre" of 337 and the Promotion of the Sons of Constantine.” Pages 5-51.
Mary B. Cunningham. “The Reception of Romanos in Middle by Zantine Homiletics and Hymnography.” Pages 251-260.
Ivan Drpić. “Art, Hesychasm, and Visual Exegesis: Parisinus Graecus 1242 Revisited.” Pages 217-247.
Maria Evangelatou. “Word and Image in the "Sacra Parallela" (codex Parisinus Graecus 923).” Pages 113-197.
Johannes Koder. “Imperial Propaganda in the Kontakia of Romanos the Melode.” Pages 275-291.
Riccardo Maisano. “Romanos's Use of Greek Patristic Sources.” Pages 261-273.
Cécile Morrisson. “Michael Hendy: 16 April 1942-13 May 2008.” Pages 1-4.
Hans-Georg Severin. “On the Architectural Decoration and Dating of the Church of Dayr Anbā Bīšūy ("Red Monastery") near Sūhāǧ in Upper Egypt.” Pages 75-112.
Stephen J. Shoemaker. “The Cult of Fashion: The Earliest "Life of the Virgin" and Constantinople's Marian Relics.” Pages 53-74.

2007 (vol. 61)

“Becoming Byzantine: Children and Childhood in Byzantium: Symposiarchs: Arietta Papaconstantinou, University of Paris, and Alice-Mary Talbot, Dumbarton Oaks Dumbarton Oaks Symposium, 28-30 April 2006.” Pages 389-390.
Michael Decker. “Frontier Settlement and Economy in the Byzantine East.” Pages 217-267.
Lynda Garland. “Mazaris's Journey to Hades: Further Reflections and Reappraisal.” Pages 183-214.
Anthony Kaldellis. “Historicism in Byzantine Thought and Literature.” Pages 1-24.
C. S. Lightfoot, O. Karagiorgou, O. Koçyiğit, H. Yaman, P. Linscheid, and J. Foley. “The Amorium Project: Excavation and Research in 2003.” Pages 353-385.
Christopher Lightfoot. “Trade and Industry in Byzantine Anatolia: The Evidence from Amorium.” Pages 269-286.
Christopher MacEvitt. “The Chronicle of Matthew of Edessa: Apocalypse, the First Crusade, and the Armenian Diaspora.” Pages 157-181.
Tassos Papacostas, Cyril Mango, and Michael Grünbart. “The History and Architecture of the Monastery of Saint John Chrysostomos at Koutsovendis, Cyprus.” Pages 25-156.
Günder Varinlioğlu. “Living in a Marginal Environment: Rural Habitat and Landscape in Southeastern Isauria.” Pages 287-317.
Alan Walmsley. “Economic Developments and the Nature of Settlement in the Towns and Countryside of Syria-Palestine, ca. 565-800.” Pages 319-352.

2006 (vol. 60)

Stefanos Alexopoulos and Annewies van den Hoek. “The Endicott Scroll and Its Place in the History of Private Communion Prayers.” Pages 145-188.
Franz Alto Bauer and Holger A. Klein. “The Church of Hagia Sophia in Bizye (Vize): Results of the Fieldwork Seasons 2003 and 2004.” Pages 249-270.
Sarah T. Brooks. “Poetry and Female Patronage in Late Byzantine Tomb Decoration: Two Epigrams by Manuel Philes.” Pages 223-248.
Brian Croke. “Justinian, Theodora, and the Church of Saints Sergius and Bacchus.” Pages 25-63.
Clive Foss and Johannes Koder. “Urban and Rural Settlement in Anatolia and the Levant, 500-1000 CE: New Evidence from Archaeology: Dumbarton Oaks Byzantine Symposium, 21-24 April 2005.” Pages 295-296.
Michael Grünbart. “Byzantine Metal Stamps in a North American Private Collection.” Pages 13-24.
Veronica Kalas. “The 2004 Survey of the Byzantine Settlement at Selime-Yaprakhisar in the Peristrema Valley, Cappadocia.” Pages 271-293.
Cécile Morrisson. “Philip Grierson, 15 November 1910-15 January 2006.” Pages 1-12.
Arietta Papaconstantinou. “Historiography, Hagiography, and the Making of the Coptic "Church of the Martyrs" in Early Islamic Egypt.” Pages 65-86.
Alicia J. Simpson. “Before and After 1204: The Versions of Niketas Choniates' "Historia".” Pages 189-221.
Paul Stephenson. “"About the Emperor Nikephoros and How He Leaves His Bones in Bulgaria": A Context for the Controversial "Chronicle of 811".” Pages 87-109.
Warren T. Woodfin. “An Officer and a Gentleman: Transformations in the Iconography of a Warrior Saint.” Pages 111-143.

2005 (vol. 59)

“Dumbarton Oaks Symposium 2004: Egypt in the Byzantine World, 450-700.” Pages 266-266.
Antti Arjava. “The Mystery Cloud of 536 CE in the Mediterranean Sources.” Pages 73-94.
Robert H. Brill. “Chemical Analyses of the Zeyrek Camii and Kariye Camii Glasses.” Pages 213-230.
Francesca Dell'Acqua. “Enhancing Luxury through Stained Glass, from Asia Minor to Italy.” Pages 193-211.
Asen Kirin. “Contemplating the Vistas of Piety at the Rila Monastery Pyrgos.” Pages 95-138.
C. S. Lightfoot. “Glass Finds at Amorium.” Pages 173-181.
C. S. Lightfoot, Y. Arbel, E. A. Ivison, J. A. Roberts, and E. Ioannidou. “The Amorium Project: Excavation and Research in 2002.” Pages 231-265.
Jodi Magness. “Heaven on Earth: Helios and the Zodiac Cycle in Ancient Palestinian Synagogues.” Pages 1-52.
Maria G. Parani. “Representations of Glass Objects as a Source on Byzantine Glass: How Useful Are They?.” Pages 147-171.
Daniel G. Van Slyke. “The Devil and His Pomps in Fifth-Century Carthage: Renouncing Spectacula with Spectacular Imagery.” Pages 53-72.
Alice-Mary Talbot. “Evidence about Byzantine Glass in Medieval Greek Texts from the Eighth to the Fifteenth Century.” Pages 141-145.
Mark T. Wypyski. “Technical Analysis of Glass Mosaic Tesserae from Amorium.” Pages 183-192.

2004 (vol. 58)

Leslie Brubaker. “The Elephant and the Ark: Cultural and Material Interchange across the Mediterranean in the Eighth and Ninth Centuries.” Pages 175-195.
Anthony Cutler. “Realities, Realia, and Realism: An Introduction to the Symposium.” Pages 155-160.
Jannic Durand. “Innovations gothiques dans l'orfèvrerie byzantine sous les Paléologues.” Pages 333-354.
Stephanos Efthymiades. “A Day and Ten Months in the Life of a Lonely Bachelor: The Other Byzantium in Miracula S. Artemii 18 and 22.” Pages 1-26.
Jaroslav Folda. “The Figural Arts in Crusader Syria and Palestine, 1187-1291: Some New Realities.” Pages 315-331.
Véronique François. “Réalités des échanges en Méditerranée orientale du XIIe au XVIIIe siècles: L'apport de la céramique.” Pages 241-249.
Timothy Greenwood. “A Corpus of Early Medieval Armenian Inscriptions.” Pages 27-91.
Peter Grossmann, Darlene Brooks-Hedstrom, Mohamed Abdal-Rassul, and Elizabeth S. Bolman. “The Excavation in the Monastery of Apa Shenute (Dayr Anba Shinuda) at Suhag, with an Appendix on Documentary Photography at the Monasteries of Anba Shinuda and Anba Bishoi, Suhag, by Elizabeth S. Bolman.” Pages 371-382.
David Jacoby. “Silk Economics and Cross-Cultural Artistic Interaction: Byzantium, the Muslim World, and the Christian West.” Pages 197-240.
Holger A. Klein. “Eastern Objects and Western Desires: Relics and Reliquaries between Byzantium and the West.” Pages 283-314.
Noel Lenski. “Valens and the Monks: Cudgeling and Conscription as a Means of Social Control.” Pages 93-117.
C. S. Lightfoot, Y. Arbel, B. Böhlendorf-Arslan, J. A. Roberts, and J. Witte-Orr. “The Amorium Project: Excavation and Research in 2001.” Pages 355-370.
Ioanna Rapti. “Gloses prophétiques sur l'évangile: À propos de quelques manuscrits arméniens enluminés en Cicilie dans les années 1260.” Pages 119-154.
Peter Schreiner. “Diplomatische Geschenke zwischen Byzanz und dem Westen ca. 800-1200: Eine Analyse der Texte mit Quellenanhang.” Pages 251-282.
Chris Wickham. “The Mediterranean around 800: On the Brink of the Second Trade Cycle.” Pages 161-174.

2003 (vol. 57)

“Realities in the Arts of the Medieval Mediterranean, 800-1500: Dumbarton Oaks Symposium 2002.” Pages 299-301.
Charalambos Bakirtzis. “The Urban Continuity and Size of Late Byzantine Thessalonike.” Pages 35-64.
John W. Barker. “Late Byzantine Thessalonike: A Second City's Challenges and Responses.” Pages 5-33.
George T. Dennis. “The Late Byzantine Metropolitans of Thessalonike.” Pages 255-264.
Sharon E. J. Gerstel. “Civic and Monastic Influences on Church Decoration in Late Byzantine Thessalonike: In Loving Memory of Thalia Gouma-Peterson.” Pages 225-239.
Christophe Giros. “Présence Athonite à Thessalonique, XIIIe-XVe Siècles.” Pages 265-278.
David Jacoby. “Foreigners and the Urban Economy in Thessalonike, ca. 1150-ca. 1450.” Pages 85-132.
Angeliki E. Laiou. “Economic Concerns and Attitudes of the Intellectuals of Thessalonike.” Pages 205-223.
C. S. Lightfoot, Y. Mergen, B. Y. Olcay, and J. Witte-Orr. “The Amorium Project: Research and Excavation in 2000.” Pages 279-292.
Katia Loverdou-Tsigarida. “Thessalonique, Centre de Production D'objets D'arts au XIVe Siècle.” Pages 241-254.
Henry Maguire. “Ernst Kitzinger: 1912-2003.” Pages ix-xiv.
Marlia Mundell Mango. “Excavations and Survey at Androna, Syria: The Oxford Team 2000.” Pages 293-297.
Cécile Morrisson. “The Emperor, the Saint, and the City: Coinage and Money in Thessalonike from the Thirteenth to the Fifteenth Century.” Pages 173-203.
Nevra Necipoğlu. “The Aristocracy in Late Byzantine Thessalonike: A Case Study of the City's Archontes (Late 14th and Early 15th Centuries).” Pages 133-151.
Jean-Michel Spieser. “Introduction.” Pages 1-4.
Franz Tinnefeld. “Intellectuals in Late Byzantine Thessalonike.” Pages 153-172.
Slobodan Ćurčić. “The Role of Late Byzantine Thessalonike in Church Architecture in the Balkans.” Pages 65-84.

2002 (vol. 56)

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