Byzantine Dimension of the Canon Law Corpus of the Orthodox Slavs and Romanians
Victor Alexandrov, Budapest, Hungary, Fellow 2005–2006, Fall
The Politics of Narrative: The Byzantine and Italian Narrative Icons
Paroma Chatterjee, University of Chicago, Junior Fellow 2005–2006
The Byzantines in Chinese Eyes: Translation and Commentary of Relevant Ancient and Medieval Chinese Texts
Zhiqiang Chen, Nankai University, Fellow 2005–2006, Spring
Slavery in Late Antiquity
Jon Kyle Harper, Harvard University, Junior Fellow 2005–2006
Migration and Development in First Millennium Europe
Peter John Heather, University of Oxford, Fellow 2005–2006, Fall
Early Byzantine Miniatures Revealed
Marilyn E. Heldman, University of Missouri, St. Louis, Fellow 2005–2006, Fall
Things and Places Speaking of Themselves: From Rome to Byzantium
Sergey Ivanov, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Fellow 2005–2006, Spring
Suicide in Byzantium
Apostolos Karpozilos, University of Ioannina, Fellow 2005–2006
The Constantinopolitan Monastery of Panagiou in its Eleventh-Century Context
Dirk Krausmüller, Queen’s University Belfast, Fellow 2005–2006
Art and Text in the Vienna Genesis
Maureen Anne O’Brien, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Junior Fellow 2005–2006
The History and Archaeology of Bet Shean (Scythopolis) from the Hellenistic to the Medieval Periods: Introductory Volume (Series of Final Reports)
Yoram Tsafrir, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Fellow 2005–2006
Rhetoric and Poetry in Byzantine Homiletics
Vessela Valiavitcharska-Marcum, University of Texas at Austin, Junior Fellow 2005–2006, Spring
Growth or Decline? Agriculture and Village Life in the Late Antique Near East (Third–Eighth Centuries)
Tomasz Waliszewski, Warsaw University, Fellow 2005–2006, Fall
Memorials Transformed: Funerary Monuments, Church Space and Saints’ Cults in Late Antiquity
Ann Marie Yasin, University of Southern California, Fellow 2005–2006, Spring
Painted Books and Indigenous Expression in Pre-Conquest and Early Colonial Mexico
Elizabeth H. Boone, Tulane University, Visiting Scholar 2005–2006, Fall
Personhood, Dwelling, and Identity: A Relational Approach
Scott Hutson, University of Kentucky, Fellow 2005–2006
Awakening the Stones: The Beginnings of Pre-Columbian Archaeological Studies in Central Mexico
Leonardo López Luján, Museo del Templo Mayor, INAH, Fellow 2005–2006, Fall
Finery and Insignia of a Maya King of Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico
Laura Filloy Nadal, Museo Nacional de Antropología, INAH, Junior Fellow 2005–2006, Spring
The Other World: Archaeology of Ancient America
Dean Snow, Pennsylvania State University, Visiting Scholar 2005–2006, Fall
Weaving the Structure of the Cosmos: Cloth and Agency at Cerrillos, a Paracas Site in the Ica Valley, Peru
Jeffrey C. Splitstoser, Junior Fellow 2005–2006
Monuments and Dedicatory Burials at the Moon Pyramid of Teotihuacan: The Rise of Power and State Religion
Saburo Sugiyama, Aichi Prefectural University, Japan, Fellow 2005–2006
The Lady of El Brujo: Unwrapping the Mummy of a High Status Moche Female
John W. Verano, Tulane University, Visiting Scholar 2005–2006, Fall
The Visual Representation of Heavens and Paradise in Medieval Islamic Culture
Igor Demchenko, State Institute of Art Research, Moscow, Russia, Junior Fellow 2005–2006
Discourses of Horticulture in England, 1660–1760
Richard Coulton, Queen Mary, University of London, United Kingdom, Fellow 2005–2006
Wish-Landscapes and Garden Cities
M. Elen Deming, College of Environmental Science and Forestry, Syracuse, Fellow 2005–2006, Spring
Myriad Gardens: Landscapes of the Baroque Spanish Stage
Maryrica Ortiz Lottman, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Fellow 2005–2006