A Glossary of the Juridical Terms in Medieval Bulgaria
Ivan Biliarsky, Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria, Summer Fellow 2006
Jewelry in the Byzantine Museum of Athens: The Mytilene Treasure
Eugenia Chalkia, Byzantine and Christian Museum, Athens, Summer Fellow 2006
Emperor Manuel Ⅱ Palaiologos and Islam: Political and Theological Aspects of his Attitudes toward Islam
Ksenia I. Lobovikova, Russian Federal Professional Pedagogical University, Ekaterinburg, Summer Fellow 2006
Signs of the Times: The Cleveland Marbles
Donald A. McColl, Washington College, Summer Fellow 2006
Portable Micromosaic Icons of the Late Byzantine Period
Edmund C. Ryder, Institute of Fine Arts, Summer Fellow 2006
The Cult of St. Febronia: From Nisibis to Rome
Jeanne-Nicole Saint-Laurent, Brown University, Summer Fellow 2006
Byzantine Coins Found during the Excavations at Perge
Oğuz Tekin, Istanbul University, Summer Fellow 2006
Mesoamerican Ballgames and their Victims
Claude-François Baudez, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), Fellow 2006–2007, Fall
Yutopian: The Formative Archaeology of Northwest Argentina
Joan Gero, American University, Visiting Scholar 2006–2007
Ancient Maya Dance
Matthew Looper, California State University, Chico, Summer Fellow 2006
The Aesthetic Dimension and Individual Creation in Prehispanic Nahuatl Poetry
Lorena del Carmen Rodas-Ramírez, Fellow 2006–2007
Play in the Garden in Early Modern Venice
Sally Ann Grant, University of Sydney, Summer Fellow 2006
Mediterranean Landscapes
Cammy Brothers, University of Virginia, Fellow 2006–2007
The Fountain of Latona: Louis ⅩⅣ and the Premier Versailles
Thomas F. Hedin, University of Minnesota, Duluth, Fellow 2006–2007, Fall
The Aesthetics of the Chinese Classical Literati-Garden in Yuan Ye
Shikui Li, Wuhan University, Fellow 2006–2007
The Picturesque Green Cube: Site-Specific Practices at American Sculpture Parks and Gardens
Rebecca L. Reynolds, University of Chicago, Junior Fellow 2006–2007