Negotiating Self-Representation and Cultural Identity: Artistic and Cultural Responses to the Byzantine-Ottoman Encounter (1300–1453)
Merih Danalı Cantarella, Harvard University, William R. Tyler Fellow 2012–2013 and 2014–2015
Studying Aristotelian Logic in Ninth-Century Byzantium
Christophe Erismann, Université de Lausanne, Fellow 2014–2015, Spring
Toward a Sociology of Paideia, ca. 800–1350: Manuscripts, Mimesis, Ethos
Niels Gaul, Central European University, Fellow 2014–2015, Spring
Byzantine Liturgy among the Slavs: Deciphering the Late Chapter of Byzantine Liturgical History
Nina Glibetic, Yale University, Fellow 2014–2015
New Approaches to Late Byzantine Jewelry and Dress Accessories: Reevaluating the Chalcis Treasure
Nikos Kontogiannis, Greek Ministry of Culture, Fellow 2014–2015
“Include Me Out”: Imperial Rome and the Peoples of the World at the End of Antiquity
Michael Maas, Rice University, Fellow 2014–2015
A Literary History of Constantinople
Paul Magdalino, Koç University, Fellow 2014–2015, Spring
Death and the Fate of the Soul in Byzantium: Theologies, Liturgies, Images
Vasileios Marinis, Yale University, Fellow 2014–2015, Fall
“Zwei Seelen wohnen, ach, in meiner Brust”: Reconciling Pagan Identity with Christian Norms
Philipp Niewöhner, University of Oxford, Fellow 2014–2015
The History of the Byzantine Rite of Marriage
Gabriel Radle, Yale University, Fellow 2014–2015
Gregory of Nazianzus and Christian Festival Rhetoric
Byron MacDougall, Brown University, Junior Fellow 2014–2015
Monks and Monasteries of Byzantine Thrace (Tenth to Fourteenth Century)
Georgios Makris, University of Birmingham, Junior Fellow 2014–2015
Nomads in Late Antiquity: Gazing on Rome from the Steppe, Attila to Asparuch
Giuseppe Ricci, Princeton University, Junior Fellow 2014–2015
Rhetoric and the Display of Art: Dio Chrysostom, Aelius Aristides, and Libanius
Janet Atwill, University of Tennessee, Summer Fellow 2014
The Evolution of Offices and Titles in the Twelfth Century
Christos Malatras, Koç University, Summer Fellow 2014
Middle and Late Byzantine Monastic Architecture
Stavros Mamaloukos, University of Patras, Summer Fellow 2014
Metaphrasis in Byzantine Hagiography before Symeon Metaphrastes
Daria Resh, Brown University, Summer Fellow 2014
The Novels of the Emperor Justinian
Peter Sarris, University of Cambridge, Summer Fellow 2014–2015
The Zafeiris Syrras Collection of Byzantine Lead Seals
Christos Stavrakos, University of Ioannina, Summer Fellow 2014
Appropriating the Greek Past in the Greco-Arabic Translation Movement
Coleman Connelly, Harvard University, William R. Tyler Fellow 2014–2016
The Semiotics of Body and Cosmos in Maya Healing Incantations
Timothy Knowlton, Berry College, Fellow 2014–2015
A Sacred and Defensive Hill and the Memory of Ruler 12 in Late Classic Copán, Honduras
Jorge Ramos, Instituto Hondureño de Antropología e Historia, Fellow 2014–2015
Giving Life, Taking Life: Mortuary Rituals and Social Identities at the Tiwanaku Colony Omo M10, Moquegua, Peru
Sarah Baitzel, University of California, San Diego, Junior Fellow 2014–2015
Cocales, the Chimú, and the Inca: Prestige Resources in Late Andean Empires
Alicia Boswell, University of California, San Diego, Junior Fellow 2014–2015
At the Edge of the Maya World: Power, Politics, and Identity in Monuments from the Comitán Valley, Chiapas, Mexico
Caitlin Earley, University of Texas at Austin, Junior Fellow 2014–2015
Mosaic Skulls: Ancestors, Human Remains, and the Forgery of Mesoamerican Material Culture
Martin Berger, Rijksmuseum Volkenkunde, Summer 2014
Andean Geometric Designs: Woven Origins, Their Location in Time and Place
Sophie Desrosiers, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Summer Fellow 2014
Searching for Archaeological Indications of Long-Distance Pre-Columbian Balsa Raft Navigation
Benjamin Rosales, Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Summer Fellow 2014
Islamic Gardens and Palaces in the West: Archaeological Evidence and Architectural Interpretation
Felix Arnold, Deutsches Archäologisches Institut, Fellow 2014–2015, Spring
From Palladian Villa to American Plantation: Gardens and the Ideology of Country Living
Raffaella Fabiani Giannetto, University of Pennsylvania, Fellow 2014–2015
Landscapes and Medieval Arts
Danielle Joyner, University of Notre Dame, Fellow 2014–2015
Natural Histories of the Theodore Roosevelt and Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Memorials
Paul Kelsch, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Fellow 2014–2015
From Turnips to Lawn Chairs: Allotment Gardens in Europe, 1920 to 1975
Micheline Nilsen, Indiana University South Bend, Fellow 2014–2015
Algonquian Gardens in Tidewater Virginia
Jessica Herlich, College of William and Mary, Junior Fellow 2014–2015
Garden Work: The Horticultural Formation of American Literature, 1850–1930
Kaye Wierzbicki, Harvard University, Junior Fellow 2014–2015
Pietro Andrea Mattioli’s Discorsi on Dioscorides: The Publishing Strategies behind a Renaissance Best Seller
Ilaria Andreoli, CNRS/Université de Caen Basse-Normandie, Summer Fellow 2014
The Feilaifeng Research Project
Antonio José Mezcua López, Universidad de Granada, Summer Fellow 2014
Baroque Sculpture Display in Peter the Great’s Summer Garden
Margaret Samu, Stern College for Women, Yeshiva University, Summer Fellow 2014