The Concept of Linguistic Variation in Manuel Moschopoulos’s “Commentaries on Sophocles”
Andrea Cuomo, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Fellow 2016–2017, Fall
A New Profile of Medieval—and Byzantine!—Rome
Hendrik Dey, Hunter College, City University of New York, Fellow 2016–2017
Byzantine Ecocriticism: Humans, Nature, and Power in the Medieval Greek Romance
Adam Goldwyn, North Dakota State University, Fellow 2016–2017
Kastania: Visualizing a Byzantine Village in the Peloponnese
Michail Kappas, Greek Ministry of Culture, Fellow 2016–2017
On the Cusp of Modernity: Byzantium, America, and the Trauma of the Conquest
Eleni Kefala, University of St Andrews, Fellow 2016–2017
“Vernacular” Byzantine Hagiography of the Tenth Century: New and Unnoticed Evidence
Sergey Ivanov, National Research University, Moscow, Fellow 2016–2017, Spring
The Backstage of a Cathedral: An Archaeological Study of the Episcopal Quarter of Byllis, Albania
Nicolas Beaudry, Université du Québec à Rimouski, Fellow 2016–2017, Spring
Interpreting Material Culture: Silverware in Ostrogothic and Byzantine Italy
Marco Aimone, University of Turin, Fellow 2016–2017, Spring
Dibsi Faraj and the Middle Euphrates: The Rediscovered Harper Archive
Anna Leone, Durham University, Fellow 2016–2017, Spring
The Saints’ Lives of Philotheos Kokkinos in Late Byzantium
Mihail Mitrea, University of Edinburgh, Junior Fellow 2016–2017
Byzantine Canon Law and Medieval Legal Pluralism: Southern Italian Manuscripts from the Tenth to the Fourteenth Century
James Morton, University of California, Berkeley, Junior Fellow 2016–2017
Divine Spectacle: The Early Byzantine Triconch at the Red Monastery in Egypt
Agnieszka Szymanska, Temple University, Junior Fellow 2016–2017
A Question of Style: Visualizing Politics in the Baptistery and Chapel of St. Isidore at San Marco, Venice
Stefania Gerevini, Università L. Bocconi, Summer Fellow 2016–2017
Local Responses to Global Crises: Resilience and Vulnerability in Late Byzantine Rural Communities in the Northern Aegean
Fotini Kondyli, University of Virginia, Summer Fellow 2016–2017
Byzantine Edifying Stories: Narratives between Oral and Learned Literature
Marketa Kulhankova, Masaryk University, Summer Fellow 2016–2017
A Monastic Mother of God? The Development of the Cult of the Virgin Mary as a Model for Monks
Jaakko Olkinuora, University of Eastern Finland, Summer Fellow 2016–2017
State, Taxation, and Power in the Late Roman World (300–700 CE)
Paolo Tedesco, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Summer Fellow 2016–2017
Reassessing the Performative Context of Ephrem’s “Madrashe”
Jeffrey Wickes, Saint Louis University, Summer Fellow 2016–2017
Beyond the Periphery: The Byzantine Insular World between Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages
Luca Zavagno, Bilkent University, Summer Fellow 2016–2017
From the Colony to Ecology: Theory and Practice of the Jardin d’essai du Hamma (Algiers)
Verena Conley, Harvard University, Fellow 2016–2017
Planting Paradise: Mughal Garden Networks in Kashmir, India
Jan Haenraets, Boston University, Fellow 2016–2017, Fall
Nature as Model, Taste and Convenience as Criteria—The Position of Friedrich Ludwig von Sckell within Garden Theory
Hartmut Troll, Heidelberg University, Fellow 2016–2017, Spring
The Caliph’s Prey: Hunting and the Landscape in Umayyad Visual Culture
Alexander Brey, Bryn Mawr College, Junior Fellow 2016–2017
Crafting an Identity: Landscape and Urbanism in Almohad Marrakesh
Abbey Stockstill, Harvard University, William R. Tyler Fellow 2016–2018
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the American Landscape, 1865–1904
John Davis, Harvard University, William R. Tyler Fellow 2015–2017
Indigenous Knowledge and Breeding of Cochineal Insects in Eighteenth-Century Colonial Mexico
Deirdre Moore, Harvard University, William R. Tyler Fellow 2015–2017
The Unsettled City: Migration, Race, and the Making of Seattle’s Urban Landscape
Megan Asaka, University of California, Riverside, Mellon Fellow 2016–2017, Fall
The Topography of Wellness: Health and the American Urban Landscape
Sara Carr, University of Hawaii, Manoa, Mellon Fellow 2016–2017, Spring
Suburbs of Last Resort: Vitality and Ruin on the Edges of San Francisco Bay
Peter Ekman, University of California, Berkeley, Mellon Fellow 2016–2017, Spring
The Academy and the State: Situating Land Economics and Development Planning in the Cold War Middle East
Burak Erdim, North Carolina State University, Mellon Fellow 2016–2017, Fall
The Lord of Vilcabamba
Brian S. Bauer, University of Illinois, Chicago, Fellow 2016–2017
Bridging the Andean-Amazonian Divide: Examining Sociopolitical Developments at the Eastern Edge of the Andes
Ryan Clasby, University of Missouri, Saint Louis, Fellow 2016–2017
An Aztec History Painting in the Codex Mexicanus
Lori Boornazian Diel, Texas Christian University, Fellow 2016–2017, Fall
The Offering of Life: Human and Animal Sacrifice at the West Plaza of the Sacred Precinct, Tenochtitlan
Ximena Chávez Balderas, Templo Mayor Project and Tulane University, Junior Fellow 2016–2017
Interregional Interaction and Craft Production at Las Orquídeas, Imbabura, Ecuador, during the Late Formative (800–400 cal BC)
Eric Dyrdahl, Pennsylvania State University, Junior Fellow 2016–2017, Fall
Early Households and Ritual in the Preclassic Maya Lowlands
Jessica MacLellan, University of Arizona, Junior Fellow 2016–2017
Social Inequality and the Body: Food, Labor, and Health in a Prehistoric Colombian Population
Melanie Miller, University of California, Berkeley, Summer Fellow 2016–2017
Metalwork from Patagonia (Tenth to Nineteenth Centuries): Origins, Uses, and Distribution of Silverwork Jewelry
Paz Núñez-Regueiro, Musée du quai Branly, Summer Fellow 2016–2017