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From the Colony to Ecology: Theory and Practice of the Jardin d’essai du Hamma (Algiers)

Verena Conley, Harvard University, Fellow 2016–2017

My monograph on the Jardin Botanique du Hamma will soon be submitted for publication. I began with P. Carra and M. Gueit’s foundational Le Jardin d’essai du Hamma (Algiers, 1952), which contains a wealth of historical bibliographical information. This led me to specialized studies that Linda Lott graciously brought to my attention. The library proved a treasure trove for my research. General and specialized books in French and English about historical, international, African, Islamic, colonial, and ecological gardens, along with Dumbarton Oaks publications such as Cultural Landscape Heritage in Sub-Saharan Africa, led me to develop a broader understanding of contemporary ecological landscape architecture. I was directed to bibliographical sources in conversations with fellows and colleagues as well as through the scholarly events of the Garden and Landscape Studies program. Having been trained in the narrow confines of literary theory and history, I discovered concrete approaches to landscape architecture that have opened my research and pedagogy to unforeseen horizons. With counsel from the staff and fellows and consultation of rare books and secondary sources, I have finalized the focus and structure of my project.