Introduction to the Medieval Legal History of the Southern Slavs
Paolo Angelini, KU Leuven, Fellow 2017–2018, Fall
Jerusalem and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Fourth to Eleventh Century: Archaeological Research and Urban Context
Gideon Avni, Israel Antiquities Authority and Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Fellow 2017–2018
Hagia Sophia of Constantinople, 537–1204: Political, Social, and Urban History
Stephanos Efthymiadis, Open University of Cyprus, Fellow 2017–2018
The Human Ideal in Byzantine Theology
Alexis Torrance, University of Notre Dame, Fellow 2017–2018
The Urban Space of Antioch-on-the-Orontes, 638–1268
Bernd Andreas Vest, Fellow 2017–2018
Byzantine Imitative and Appropriative Coins, Fifth to Thirteenth Century
Alexandra Vukovich, University of Cambridge, Fellow 2017–2018, Spring
Syria-Palestine in the Seventh Century: Aspects of Byzantine Continuity
Alan Walmsley, Macquarie University, Fellow 2017–2018
The “Apocalypse” of Methodius of Patara: History and Prophecy in the Christian Encounter with Islam
Christopher Bonura, University of California, Berkeley, Junior Fellow 2017–2018
Thucydides and Herodotus in the Late Antique and Byzantine Rhetorical Tradition
Scott Kennedy, Ohio State University, Junior Fellow 2017–2018
Imperial Ideology after Iconoclasm: Negotiating the Limits of Imperial Power in Byzantium, 843–913
Ivan Marić, University of Edinburgh, Junior Fellow 2017–2018
Byzantine Enamel and the Aesthetics of Technological Power, Ninth to Fifteenth Century
Shannon Steiner, Bryn Mawr College, Junior Fellow 2017–2018
From Byzantium’s East to Iran’s West: Economic Change and the Rise of Cities in Medieval Asia Minor, 1000–1400
Polina Ivanova, Harvard University, Tyler Fellow 2016–2018
Asceticism in the Eastern Mediterranean, Seventh through Ninth Century
John Zaleski, Harvard University, Tyler Fellow 2016–2018
Botanical Practices and Urban Reform in Postcolonial Santiago, Chile
Romy Hecht, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Fellow 2017–2018
German Landscape and the Aesthetics of Administration: Peter Joseph Lenné and His Circle, 1815–1848
Michael Lee, University of Virginia, Fellow 2017–2018, Spring
Terroir after the Terror: Landscape and Representation in Nineteenth-Century France
Kelly Presutti, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Fellow 2017–2018
Gardens of the Heavens: Astronomy and the Science of Time in Early Modern Gardens
Denis Ribouillault, Université de Montréal, Fellow 2017–2018, Fall
Garden Politics: Italian Renaissance Gardens in Postwar Italy
Thalia Allington-Wood, University College London, Junior Fellow 2017–2018, Spring
Ideologies of Nature in the Landscape Architecture and Urban Development of the Postwar American South, 1955–1975
Nicholas Serrano, North Carolina State University, Junior Fellow 2017–2018
Cultivating Empire: Transplanting and Translating Rome
Kaja Tally-Schumacher, Cornell University, Junior Fellow 2017–2018, Fall
Urban Space and Climate in the Progressive-Era American City
Jacob Boswell, Ohio State University, Mellon Fellow 2017–2018, Spring
Cultural Politics of Urban Green Spaces: The Production and Reorganization of Istanbul’s Parks and Gardens
Basak Durgun, George Mason University, Mellon Fellow 2017–2018, Fall
New Forms of Urban Public Space and the Publics that They Serve
John King, San Francisco Chronicle, Mellon Fellow 2017–2018, Spring
Between Town and Country: The Soviet City-Landscape Nexus in Global Perspective
Maria Taylor, University of Michigan, Mellon Fellow 2017–2018, Spring
Crafting an Identity: Landscape and Urbanism in Almohad Marrakesh
Abbey Stockstill, Harvard University, Tyler Fellow 2016–2018
Becoming Inca: Landscape Construction and Subject Creation in Ancient Cuzco
Steve Kosiba, University of Minnesota, Fellow 2017–2018
Ancient Andean Houses: Dynamics of Domestic Space in South America
Jerry Moore, California State University, Dominguez Hills, Fellow 2017–2018, Fall
The Sican Capital: Urban Organization in Pre-Columbian Peru
Gabriela Cervantes, University of Pittsburgh, Junior Fellow 2017–2018
Speech Carved in Stone: Language Variation among the Ancient Lowland Maya
Mary Kelly, Tulane University, Junior Fellow 2017–2018
Palatial Politics: The Classic Maya Royal Court at La Corona, Guatemala
Maxime Lamoureux-St-Hilaire, Tulane University, Junior Fellow 2017–2018
Moche Spectacles of Death: Performance, Corporality, and Political Power in the Jequetepeque Valley, Peru
Luis Muro, Stanford University, Junior Fellow 2017–2018
Buffoons and Sorcerers: The Merging of Witchcraft and Entertainment in Colonial Sources on Pre-Hispanic Nahuas
Agnieszka Brylak, University of Warsaw, Summer Fellow 2017–2018
Investigating the Integrative Strategies of the Classic Maya Copan Polity on Its Southeastern Frontier
Erlend Johnson, Tulane University, Summer Fellow 2017–2018
The Rituals of the Aztec Month of Panquetzaliztli
John Schwaller, University at Albany, Summer Fellow 2017–2018
The Forgotten Landscapes of the Peruvian North Coast: Cupisnique, Moche, and Chimu Peripheral Occupation
Ari Caramanica, Harvard University, Tyler Fellow 2016–2018