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Example of a Byzantine Seal

31.2 Leo III and Constantine V (720–41)

DO 55.1.4278.— D. 33 mm; field 27 mm. W. 27.88 g. One-quarter missing.

Obv. Cross potent on four steps. Circular inscription. Wreath border.
En o[nom(ati) t]u p(at)r(os) (καὶ) tu y(io)u (καὶ) tu agiu pn(eumato)s.

Rev. Inscription of six lines. Wreath border.
Leon (καὶ) Constantinos [pi]stoi bas[i]lis Romaion.

As on the seal above, the upper section of the vertical shaft of the cross on the obverse is appreciably shorter than the lower one; the letters of the inscription on the reverse appear compressed. On the obverse PATROS is abbreviated PR and PNEUMATOS is abbreviated PNS.