Royall Tyler to Robert Woods Bliss, November 27, 1938 [1]

Hotel Richemond



Dear Robert.

Just a word to ask if you could have a photo. of the LandauNicolas Landau (1887–1979), an antiquities dealer known as “Le prince des antiquaires.” Born in Varsovia, he studied law in Paris before becoming an antiquities dealer in New York and then in Paris, where he had a business on the rue de Duras. ivoryBZ.1939.8. sent to Hayford.

We are at work on Vol. IVL’art byzantin. now, and that ivory must come in.

If you haven’t sent him one of Mad.,BZ.1938.62. please do so.


R. T.

Associated People: Hayford Peirce
Associated Things: L'art byzantin
Associated Artworks: BZ.1938.62; BZ.1939.8