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Edmund Quincy (1903–1997)

Edmund Quincy was a portrait and landscape painter who also published some poetry and fiction. He was born on May 15, 1903, in Biarritz, France, the only son of Ellen Frances Krebs Tyler and Josiah Huntington Quincy. One year after Ellen Quincy’s death in 1904, Josiah Quincy married Mary Honey (1873–1941), who later adopted Edmund as her son. Edmund Quincy graduated from Harvard University in 1925. He lived in Italy for much of his life, and, on March 19, 1940, he married Josephine Biamonti in Bordighera. They adopted one son, Daniel. Edmund died in 1997.

Spirit of the Past: The Paintings of Edmund Quincy, 1903–1997 (New York: Hirschl and Adler Galleries, 2000).