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Ellen Frances Krebs Tyler (1858 or 1862–1904)

Ellen Frances Krebs was born in either 1858 or 1862, the daughter of Dr. Franz H. Krebs. She married William Royall Tyler on June 28, 1883, and had one child, Royall Tyler, on May 2, 1884. After the death of her first husband in 1897, she and her son moved to London, where she married Josiah Huntington Quincy, a lawyer and former mayor of Boston, on February 17, 1900. They lived in Biarritz, France, where they had a child, Edmund Quincy, on May 15, 1903. Ellen Frances Krebs Tyler received an annual income of about $10,000 through the inheritance of a shipbuilding fortune. This inheritance passed to Royall Tyler on her death. She was a Christian Scientist; she died of cancer in Biarritz on January 16, 1904.

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