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Ernest Brummer (1891–1964)

Ernest Brummer (1891–1964)

The Parisian art dealer Ernest Brummer (1891–1964) and his brothers Joseph Brummer (1883–1947) and Imre Brummer (1895–1928) had an antiquities shop at 3, boulevard Raspail. Joseph had opened the business in 1906 at 6, boulevard Raspail; Imre probably joined the business in January 1911, and Ernest probably joined in November 1911. Ernest Brummer had studied music and art history in Hungary. In Paris, Ernest pursued art courses at the Sorbonne and the École du Louvre, where he studied with Salomon Reinach, who had recently been appointed director of the Musée des Antiquités Nationales. By early 1912, the business was called Brummer Frères – Brummer Curiosités. Ernest remained in Paris after Joseph and Imre left for the United States in 1914 at the beginning of the First World War. The gallery would remain at 3, boulevard Raspail until the early 1920s, when Ernest would relocate it to 36, rue de Miromesnil, after Ernest and Joseph had a falling out. After the war, Joseph opened a second shop at 203 bis, boulevard Saint Germain. The brothers were reconciled by 1924 and participated in a transatlantic partnership until Joseph's death in 1947. After joining the business in Paris, Ernest traveled extensively throughout Europe to acquire works of art for the gallery. The Brummers dealt initially in African tribal arts before branching out into ancient, medieval, contemporary French, and pre-Columbian art.


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