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Spanish Calendar of State Papers

The Calendar of Letters, Despatches, and State Papers, Relating to the Negotiations between England and Spain, Preserved in the Archives at Simancas, Vienna, Brussels, and Elsewhere (London, 1904–1954), known as the Spanish Calendar of State Papers, contained translations of correspondence to English monarchs from their diplomats in Spain. Royall Tyler took over the editing of volume nine (1547–1549; London, 1912) at the death of his predecessor, Martin Andrew Sharp Hume, and was solely responsible for volumes ten (1550–1552; London, 1914) and eleven (1553; London, 1916). Four decades later, he edited volumes twelve (January–July 1554; London, 1949) and thirteen (July 1554–November 1558; London, 1954), the last published posthumously.