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Royall Tyler to Mildred Barnes Bliss, August 1, 1934

Hotel RembrandtThe Rembrandt Hotel is located at 11 Thurloe Place in London, near the Victoria and Albert Museum.

South Kensington

London, S.W.7


Your letters for all of us arrived early yesterday morning, dearest Mildred, and were warmly welcomed. The wedding went off smoothly, Betsy looking very lovely, and the couple flew to Paris just after the reception. They’re going to spend 2 or 3 days at the Quai BourbonThe Tylers’ apartment in Paris at 21 Quai Bourbon. & then go to Talloires (Savoie)Talloires, France, is located in the French Alps south of Geneva, Switzerland, on a bay on the east side of Lake Annecy. for a fortnight or so & then Antigny for a few days, then London, sailing about Sept. 2nd.

I’ve got to rush back to Pest now (vu les événements“In light of the events.” On July 25, 1934, the Austrian chancellor Engelbert Dollfuss (1892–1934) was assassinated by Austrian Nazis in a failed coup and a civil war that lasted until August 1934.) but if things simmer down I hope to get to Antigny while Bill & Betsy are there, which will be just before the Geneva meeting.

Elisina and I are going to spend 2 days with Edith now, & then she goes to Antigny & I to Pest. Much love, dearest Mildred—I thought much of you Saturday. It’s the greatest comfort to think that B & BBill and Betsy. are going to you on landing.

R. T.