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Royall Tyler to Robert Woods Bliss, February 1, 1936

Finance Ministry



Dear Robert.

Enclosed, please find letters to SarreFriedrich Sarre (1865–1945), a German archaeologist, art historian, and collector of Islamic art. and KühnelErnst Kühnel (1882–1964), curator of the Islamic collection of the State Museum (Kaiser Friedrich Museum) in Berlin. (present head of the Kaiser Friedrich Museum).

I’m much excited about your recent acquisitions. Hurrah for the Drey cross!BZ.1936.20. And for the Rhipidion (fan).BZ.1936.23. And I’m prepared to enthuse about the pyx,BZ.1936.22. when I see it or a photo.

I’m sending back the photos of the Romanesque figurePossibly BZ.1936.25. to Paris. It’s lovely.


R. T.

P.S. I’ve got L’Arte,Lionello Venturi, “Opere d’Arte a Moggio e a San Pietro di Zuglio,” L’Arte 14 (1911): 469–78, figs. 1–3. and have seen the photo of the pyx,BZ.1936.22. which comes from the Church of Moggio Udinese. It is about 500 A.D. I should say, and it looks good. I like the brazen serpent, and Daniel (angel telling the lion not to bite D.) and even Moses striking the rock. Yes, I like it.

Associated Places: Budapest (Hungary)
Associated Artworks: BZ.1936.20; BZ.1936.22; BZ.1936.23; BZ.1936.25