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Royall Tyler to Robert Woods Bliss, February 1, 1938 [2]

Finance Ministry


1st February 1938.

Dear Robert,

I got back here yesterday, and have just now been able to go over the last set of accounts I sent you. I still make the balance in hand at 7th October 1937 £47.9.3. I am afraid I may have commited some copying error in the set of accounts I sent you. I hope we will have an opportunity of checking your two copies and clearing up the small difference.See letters of October 7, 1937; November 10, 1937; December 31, 1937; and January 20, 1938 [2].

I went to Hirsch’sJacob Hirsch (1874–1955), a German-Swiss numismatist, archaeologist, and antiquities dealer. place at Geneva the other day, but he has nothing there to speak of, and seems to have moved everything to Paris. Most of the German dealers have also shifted either to Paris or to London. I have just had a letter from GraupePaul Graupe (1881–1953), a German Jewish art dealer who left Germany in 1937 for Paris, where he founded the company Paul Graupe & Cie. telling me that he has set up in the Place Vendôme and proffering his services.

I have received a photograph of the bronze statuetteBZ.1937.31. which you have got from Brummer. I like it very much. I also have the photograph of the grave maskBZ.1937.32. from Antioch. It does not appeal to me particularly, but perhaps might if I saw the original.

I have a note from Fiedler, saying that he expects shortly to start off on another expedition, and will visit GothaRegarding the Gotha diptych leaf. and Dresden.Regarding two ivories. I will of course let you know the moment there is any news. These two last matters are those I am keenest about for the moment.

I have not yet had time to find out whether I can send off from here the silver bowlBZ.1938.31. and ladleBZ.1938.32. from Bustros.Elias (Elie) Bustros, an antiquities dealer in Beirut, Lebanon. I may have to wait until I can take them to Paris in order to insure them properly.

I am awaiting* your reply to my yesterday’s cableSee telegram of January 31, 1938 [1]. about the little find of jewelsBZ.1938.27, BZ.1938.28, BZ.1938.29, and BZ.1938.30. offered by Bustros. I can't [sic] send you the photographs, because he sends them to me on condition that I will give him a telegraphic decision and will return the photographs if I don’t take the lot, and I feel it is important to be scrupulously punctilious with Bustros. He attaches no such condition to the photographs of the marble tabernacleBZ.1938.56. which I enclosed in my yesterday’s letter. If you decide to take that, I shall tell Bustros to send it to you direct, as it would hardly have time to reach me here before I pull up stakes about the middle of March.

*reply just in. Am writing Bustros.

By the way, my departure from this place, where I have diplomatic privileges, is I am afraid going to make it difficult for me to receive objects, as I have done in the past, and forward them to you. I will try to think of some alternative method of proceeding, and please think about it on your side. The chances are that my life will be even more of a wandering one, in the immediate future, than it has been in the past. I shall be none the less anxious to be of any help I can in forming the Oaks collection, and who knows but my new beats may open up some new opportunities.

Much love


R. T.

Your cable congratulating in reply to Elisina’s is exciting. . . for I don’t know what Elisina, from Paris, has cabled you!See cable of January 31, 1938 [2].


I’d forgotten a photo. Kaleb. sent me of a wooly lamb,BZ.1938.35. said to be from Charlier, XII, which I like very much. 30,000 f doesn’t seem dear—Not at all.

If you don’t like, please return photo to Kaleb.

I don’t care for the other thing.In a letter from Kalebdjian Frères to Royall Tyler, dated January 18, 1938, “the other thing” is identified as a statue of St. Fiacre, late thirteenth or early fourteenth century, formerly in the inventory of the Galerie Manzi-Joyant, Paris. Byzantine Collection, Kalebdjian Frères file. See Arsene Alexandre, “Les Collections Manzi,” Les arts: Revue mensuelle des musées, collections, expositions 177 (1919): 242 (identified as of wood, Burgundian School, thirteenth century).


On re-examining Bustros’s photos, I see that I made a mistake yesterday:See letter of January 31, 1938 [1]. there are only 3 jewels.BZ.1938.27, BZ.1938.28, and BZ.1938.29. What I had taken for a locket is the reverse of one of the medallions—but that doesn’t detract from its’ [sic] quality. I’m offering B.Bustros. $1100 for the lot, $100 for export tax included.

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