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Royall Tyler to Robert Woods Bliss, August 2, 1939

Geneva. 2/8/39

Dear Robert.

I have had a cable address registered: I may now be addressed BYZROYAL Genève, without my name having to be added. May the wires carry some interesting messages between us about old F! I’ve not yet heard when he is returning from the Fatherland.Germany.

I go on leave tomorrow, and expect to be back here the 14th inst. After that I shall take long week-ends at Antigny, but shall expect to be here a few days in each week.

All is now settled with HypérionHypérion, a French book publisher. for the publication of our Vols I, II, III,L’art byzantin. all together,Neither volume three nor the combined volume would be published. as I told you. We’ve made an exchange of letters with the terms, & they’ve paid on half of the agreed sum to us, the rest to be paid on publication. Publication, I fear, can’t be looked for until the summer of 1940, as Hypérion want to have the three editions: Eng., French & German, all appear at the same time.

All the photographic material is now in Hyp’s hands. I hardly dare yet say I’m relieved, for there’s many a slip. . . . but still, things do look as if they were headed the right way, The proof reading is going to take some time & trouble, in the 3 tongues: I’m inclined to wash my hands of the German text, altogether, but the Fr. & Eng. I certainly mean to go through, myself, & with a fine-tooth-comb.

Love to you both


R. T.

Associated People: Hermann Fiedler
Associated Things: L'art byzantin