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Royall Tyler to Mildred Barnes, January 2, 1906

Burlington Hotel.Burlington Hotel, located at 30 Old Burlington Street in Westminster, London. W.

Jan. 2 1906

Dear Mildred.

I enclose this article, which, if not a mere canard—as I am inclined to think—is important. The “Times” takes it seriously. I devoutly hope the “Times” is right.The article was not kept with the letter, and the reference is unknown.

This is not a letter. A letter, as you know, must exceed 10 sides. It is only to tell you that I saw your friend Miss Perkins,Elizabeth Perkins (1869–1952). who told me she was to be with you at Cassel, and that I called on Miss Rockefeller,The identity of Miss Rockefeller is unknown. but did not see her. As we were both leaving Paris the next day I could not call again. But she wrote me a very kind note which I would have answered if I had known her address, saying she hoped we would meet in the course of the winter. I shall be delighted to call on her if she will let me know where and when.

I have taken an unfurnished apartment 55 Rue de Verneuil, of which I approve, but of course shall not be wholly happy until you have seen it. I hope to be established there in three weeks, and will then really write you a letter. Please let me know exactly when you are to be in Germany and what is to follow.

Yours sincerely,

Royall Tyler