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Mildred Barnes Bliss to Elisina Tyler, May 3, 1925

Mrs. Royall Tyler
Antigny le Chateau

Foissy Cote d’Or

Mrs. SearsMrs. Joshua Montgomery (née Sarah Choate) Sears (1858–1935), Royall Tyler’s godmother. desire vous voir. Pouvez vous changer rendez vous a cinq heures et demie Mercredi.Elisina Tyler stopped in Paris on Tuesday, May 5, 1925, before continuing on to Budapest on Thursday, May 7 or Friday, May 8. See letter of April 26, 1925. Priere telegraphier reponse. Train de William en retard hier.William Royall Tyler was traveling through Paris on his way from Antigny to Harrow, and had planned to see Mildred Barnes Bliss and Robert Woods Bliss on Saturday, May 2, 1925. See letters of April 21, 1925, and April 26, 1925. Ne l’ai pas vu et en suis navree.“Mrs. Sears wishes to see you. Can you change the meeting to five thirty Wednesday? Please telegraph reply. William’s train was late yesterday. I didn’t see him, and I’m sorry.”


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