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Royall Tyler to Mildred Barnes Bliss, November 3, 1930

29, rue d’Astorg
F Anjou 16–88

I have your cable of the 1st, dearest Mildred. It is most kind and generous of you to be willing to contribute 1000 dollars for the Byz. Exhibition, and I know our committee will be greatly pleased and will want me to transmit their thanks to you.

The difficulties as between the Art Décoratifs and the Bib. Nat. aren’t smoothed out yet. I needn’t tell you what a nuisance some of them are being with their little susceptibilities and desire to make capital for themselves. Metman is as straight and right-minded as he can be, and that’s a comfort. I expect it will work out, with his help, but I wish things were pleasanter between France and Italy, for as it is I fear we may not get much lent from that quarter.

Business is very bad here; there have been a couple of middle-sized bank failures, and there are more coming. France hasn’t been hit as badly as other countries yet, but she’ll be feeling it soon.

Bless you, love to both.

R. T.

Associated People: Louis Metman
Associated Places: Paris (France)
Associated Things: Byzantine Exhibition of 1931