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Robert Woods Bliss to Royall Tyler, October 3, 1931

Buenos Aires, October 3, 1931

Dear Royall,

This is a very tardy date on which to acknowledge your two letters—of July 26 and August 17—but I know you understand.

Thank you for the statements from which I am glad to see that there is something still in hand.

I received a letter a short time ago from M. Paul Larabotte, Commissaire du Gouvernement pour les Espositions des Beaux Arts, 15 rue d’Egmont, Bruxelles, sending a photograph of a picture attributed to Filippo LippiFra Filippo Lippi (1406–1469), also called Lippo Lippi, an Italian early Renaissance painter. The painting has not been identified. and belonging to a Belgian family which desires to dispose of it. From the photograph it looked like a lovely painting so I wrote him asking for the value the owners placed on it and whether they would permit a friend of ours living in Paris to look at it. This morning I had a telegram from him saying that that permission would readily be given, so if you happen to be in his neighborhood at any time would you like to have a look at the picture? I imagine it is in some chateau outside of Brussels but am not sure.

Here one eats, drinks and sleeps politics except for the occasional diversion of asking the latest quotation of the pound and dollar. What a topsy-turvy situation it is. How does the British situation affect you?See letter of July 26, 1931. We have thought of you a great deal these days, realizing that you are having a very anxious time, to say the least.

Forgive this hasty ‘‘scrawl” but I did not want a longer time to elapse without sending a word of affectionate greeting both to you and Elisina. We are thrilled by Bill’s news and are delighted that both you and she so thoroughly approve of the young lady.Bettine “Betsy” Fisher-Rowe Tyler. I hope we shall meet her when we are next in Paris.


Associated Places: Buenos Aires (Argentina)