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Royall Tyler to Mildred Barnes Bliss, September 3, 1924

Commissioner General of the League of Nations
Budapest, 3 Sept. 24Wednesday.

Your cardThe whereabouts of this card are not known. has just come, dearest Mildred. My plans are not certain, as they depend on what happens at Geneva, but I have a ticket for Sat. Sept. 6, and am intending, bar accidents to use it and proceed straight to Antigny. That spot being nearer Geneva than it is to Paris, I can be summoned to Geneva at short notice if I’m required there before the 16th, on which date I shall go there at all events, as Elisina and Bill leave Antigny on that day, to prepare for Bill’s entry into Harrow towards the end of the month.See letter of July 18, 1924.

You see I can’t come to Paris, but with luck I may be at Antigny from the evening of the 8th till the 16th.

Couldn’t you run down and let me show you what has happened to it since that October day in 1916 when we saw it together?See letter of October 22, 1916. We could have such a good talk, and I’d so much like to have you see Bill before he crosses the threshold of public school and becomes a big boy.

Smith is at Geneva and I’m in charge here. I hope he may be back on Tues. next, but I’m leaving on Sat. whether he is or not, unless some really serious trouble arises, as I haven’t seen Bill since Easter and am anxious to have a little time with him before he takes the important plunge into public school.

The address is

par Arnay-le-Duc,
Côte d’Or.

Telephone and telegraph:

Côte d’Or

I’ve had a most interesting time here running the Loan AccountIn February 1924, the Hungarian Bethlen government secured a $50 million reconstruction loan from the League of Nations to restore the confidence of foreign creditors. “Agree on Loan for Hungary; Reparations Commission Takes Final Action and League Will Move to Float It. Under the Plan Hungary Will Pay 10,000,000 Kronen Yearly for Twenty Years,” New York Times, February 22, 1924. The loan protocol was signed on May 14, 1924. See also Alzada Comstock, “The Technique of Reconstruction as Applied to Hungary,” Political Science Quarterly 40, no. 2 (June 1925): 201–16. (yes, me!). God evidently intended me to have a go at a variety of trades, and this one pleases me particularly. State budgeting, monopolies, railways, etc. are my daily fare and I eat thereof with delight.

Smith is a dear, and the perfect man for the job.

Yours affly
R. T.

Associated People: Jeremiah Smith Jr.