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Royall Tyler to Robert Woods Bliss, December 4, 1947

International Bank for

Reconstruction and DevelopmentThe International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), established in 1944, became operational in 1946 as the original institution of the World Bank Group. It was a cooperative organization of 188 member nations that originally promoted sustainable development and reconstruction to nations devastated by the Second World War. See letter of June 28, 1947.

Washington 6, D.C.


Dear Robert,

Excuse writing, please. It’s cold & the heating is not working today.

Kaleb. phoned yesterday, & I went round, to find that he has two solid gold strap-ends,These strap ends have not been identified. Byzantine, both of which are good, & one particularly seductive, small, “ladies’ size,” with two guinea fowl facing the cross, and underneath, two peacocks in scrolls, one above the other, lovely style, VIth. The other, larger, has crosses, and a monogram, & other designs—I’m not sure of the date, but it’s certainly O.K., and early.

Kaleb’s story is that these things were found at Ismid, & brought to him Yesterday by someone whose property they still are. Owner trying to get Kaleb to make an offer. Kaleb trying to make owner state a price.

If Kaleb acquires them, he’ll let me know. Please let me know whether, en principe,“In principal.” you’d be interested, & whether you’d want some photo (difficult) or squeeze, before deciding, assuming the price isn’t too high. I recommend them.

I hope you’re comfortable on the boat.

A letter from Polly PeircePolly Brown Peirce, Hayford Peirce’s wife. reached me this morn., dated 23 Nov. She says she was leaving at once for Key West, where she has hired a house for 5 months. Address:

1501 Olivia St., Key West, Fla.

I’m sorry she’s going to be withdrawn from circulation for all this time. I think some serious and consecutive treatment is required in this case, with a view not only to the coins, but to a lot of the things the ultimate destination of which might be determined in the biased sense.

Much love to you both. It was a very great joy to spend all those good hours with you.



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