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Elisina Tyler to Mildred Barnes Bliss, July 4, 1915


4 Juillet 1915Sunday.

Dearest Mildred,

We returned home at 9.45, and were told that a lady and gentleman had called to see us half an hour before. Something tells me it was you and Robert; and I am most sadly grieved to have missed you. I tried to call you up, but could get no answer. I shall try again tomorrow morning, in the hope that we may meet very very soon. Gerard did not write the Sunday after he saw you,See letter of June 6, 1915. as he went home for long leave, and I heard only last Thursday that he had a very happy time with you. Except for the fact that he saw and admired William’s photograph, I have had no details beyond enthusiastic generalities. But I do feel so very grateful to you for having taken the trouble to go down and give G so much pleasure. Now I want to have your impressions, please!

I should have written to London, but I heard from Robert on Friday that you were just coming back.

I am fairly tired, and have anxieties at La SantéOne of the Oeuvre des enfants des Flandres (Children of Flanders Rescue Committee) refugee centers in a vacant monastery at 67, rue de la Santé, in Sèvres, a southwestern suburb of Paris. In 1915, Edith Wharton made Elisina Tyler a vice president of two charities, the American Hostels for Refugees and the Children of Flanders Rescue Committee, over the latter of which Elisina was effectively in charge. For Elisina Tyler's role in these charities, see letters of April 19, 1915; April 27, 1915; May 17, 1915; June 6, 1915; August 21, 1915; August 10, 1916; September 12, 1916; September 30, 1915; and October 6, 1915. as well as fatigue to cope with. To see you will be a joy and a rest.

My very best love to Robert, and also Royall’s. And to you, dearest Mildred, my most loving thoughts and messages.

Ever your devoted


Associated People: Gerard Grant Richards
Associated Places: Paris (France)