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Elisina Tyler to Robert Woods Bliss, May 4, 1914


May 4th 1914Monday.

Dear Robert

Alas, we cannot come to luncheon tomorrow. I think I did mention in my petit bleu“Telegram.” to Mildred that Eric Maclagan was busy all day to-morrow,See letter of May 3, 1914: "All Tuesday he is engaged on Museum business." and we have engaged ourselves to join him elsewhere at luncheon-time to-morrow. Royall is telephoning to Giuseppe.Giuseppe has not been identified. Royall says he would need no extra inducements of strange new men, if he could come. I am so sorry not to see you both for some time. I so hope Mildred isn’t ill. I have been feeling sorry and somewhat anxious about her, though I can’t give any reasonable excuse.

Royall sends his love. And we both send our love and regrets to you.

Yours very sincerely

Elisina Tyler.

Associated People: Eric Maclagan
Associated Places: Paris (France)