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Elisina Tyler to Mildred Barnes Bliss, November 4, 1942

Western Union

1942 Nov 4


Mildred Bliss


Votre cablegramme 28 October me va droit au coeur Stop Situation serait clarifiee en vue conference prochaine entre representant croixrouge Suisse, JamesJames has not been identified. et moi meme, si Amcross exprimait octroi fond base sur accord entre croix rouge Suisse et Fondation EdithWhartonFondation Edith Wharton, the French post–Second World War outgrowth of Edith Wharton’s First World War charities. This foundation was administered by Elisina Tyler. utilization appareil radio photographique avec retour appareil apres guerre pour utilisation par Foundation en France Stop Notre programme vise soins et protection urgent vu conditions actuelles pour enfants rentrant apres court sejour en Suisse Stop Details et conditions mise en oeuvre notre initiative approuves et soutenus sans reserves par ministere sante. Tendresses reponse Hotel Richemond Geneve. Elisina Tyler.“Your cablegram [of] October 28 goes straight to my heart Stop The situation would be clarified for the next conference between [the] representative of the Swiss Red Cross, James and I myself, if [the] American Red Cross expressed granting [the] underlying basis on the agreement between the Swiss Red Cross and the Edith Wharton Foundation [for the] use of x-ray equipment with [the] return [of the] equipment after the war for use by [the] Foundation in France Stop Our program seeks [the] urgent care and protection given current conditions for children returning after a short stay in Switzerland Stop [The] details and requirements implemented [by] our initiative [are] approved and supported unreservedly by [the] Health Ministry. Affectionately, response [to the] Hotel Richemond Geneva. Elisina Tyler.”