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Royall Tyler to Mildred Barnes Bliss, June 5, 1934

New York City


The real point of my journey to USA was to see you—as it was the last time I came (in 1904)In August 1904, Royall Tyler visited Mildred Barnes at her farm in Sharon, Connecticut. See letters of July 5, 1904; July 20, 1904; July 21, 1904; and September 16, 1904.—dearest Mildred, and to have you thank me for coming is sweet indeed. I am glad I came, and came when I did, and I shall lay plans to come again, and again put myself in your wise keeping.

There were no notes of introduction in your letter—never mind if they went astray. My final 4 days here are going to be a cruel rush anyway.

Many thanks for the hint about Belle.Belle da Costa Greene (1883–1950), the librarian to J. P. Morgan and, after his death in 1913, to his son Jack Morgan and the Morgan Library in New York. It always interests me much to get criticisms, and I shall be grateful if you would hand them on, especially if they bear on any concrete point. I’ll try and lure some out of Belle—who I don’t think is competent to form any on the subject matter of our Vol. I,L’art byzantin. but who may be echoing others’ that one would gladly know of.

Thank you very much too for the WidenerThe Harry Elkins Widener Memorial Library (the Widener Library), the primary building of the Harvard University library system. The meaning of the reference to the “Widener idea” is not known. idea; I enclose a card.

I hope much for another glimpse of you before I sail, but if not, I cherish the thought of next winter.

Love to Robert. Bill sends his fond greetings to you both.

Bless you, dearest Mildred


R. T.

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