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Royall Tyler to Mildred Barnes, September 5, 1902

Hôtel und Pension Faloria mit Dependance Bellevue

Cortina d’Ampezzo


Sept. 5th

Dear Mildred.

It is a lovely hot morning, and my Mother has just written to Mrs. Bliss, so I cannot resist the temptation of taking the same liberty with you. The day you leftMildred Barnes, Anna Barnes Bliss, and Cora Barnes sailed to London from New York on the Minnetonka on May 31, 1902. Their visit brought about the reunion of Mildred Barnes and Royall Tyler and the beginning of their preserved correspondence. The two families visited several cities, including Bayreuth (for Richard Wagner’s Ring Cycle), Meissen, and Cortina d’Ampezzo in the Dolomites. they had a concert at the Faloria, where we dined. Nice Tyrolese musicians, but afterwards they had a dance, the most terribly gay affair I have ever attended. I don’t like to commit to paper my impressions, but they will amuse you when we meet.

We began to play bridge soon after you left, and have played ever since. I have lost all the time. I dropped 75 crowns in 24 hours. At that rate I shall be obliged to appear at all the State Functions of Paris clad in very primitive attire. I am becoming attached to Cortina,—nay be not dismayed, fair reader—and I trust that you will soon follow. I have a sort of idea that the Dearburghs The Dearburghs have not been identified. It is possible the name is spelled Dearburg or Dearberg. are going to be there. Jack is really a desperate fellow—excuse my saying that he will afford you some amusement. I am doing a good deal of thinking, and hope to have several suggestions to submit to you at Venice. This probably was in preparation for taking confession, which Mildred Barnes and Royall Tyler did on November 10, 1902, in Paris at the church of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, and which became known as the Anniversary. See also The Early Letters (1902–1908). I trust that you will. A telegram arrived the other day signed, Theresa. It was really from Jumpy,Jumpy has not been identified. who meant to say he was sailing Thursday—clever of me to guess it.

I am

Yrs. sincerely

Royall Tyler

Associated Places: Cortina (Italy)
Associated Things: Anniversary