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Royall Tyler to Robert Woods Bliss, February 6, 1935

Finance Ministry


6th February 1935.

Dear Robert,

I have received from Bustros,Elias (Elie) Bustros, an antiquities dealer in Beirut, Lebanon. Rue Michel Bustros, Beyrouth, Liban, the enclosed photographs.

Bustros is the dealer from whom Elisina bought some pre-Columbian objects last year. In other circumstances I would have been tempted by the enclosed. As it is, I am not competing. Bustros asks 7.000 French Francs for the lot,These objects have not been identified. According to Robert Woods Bliss’s undated note, this group consisted of a gold disk (6,000 francs), three frogs, and one bell (1,000 francs). or 6.000 for the disc alone. I don’t think one could get much reduction from him.

If you are interested, would you please send me a cable to that effect, and I will get them for you. I have in hand the wherewithal to pay for them.

The fourth object in the photograph showing three little gold frogs is said by Bustros to be a bell. I think there is no question whatever that all this objects are perfectly genuine. We have shown those that Elisina got from Bustros last year to the British and French authorities, and they accept them as undoubtedly all right.

Much love to you both


R. T.

I suggest a wire, because Bustros might sell at any moment if someone came along & made him an acceptable offer.

Associated People: Elias (Elie) Bustros; Elisina Tyler
Associated Places: Budapest (Hungary)