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Robert Woods Bliss to Royall Tyler, January 6, 1937


Finanzministerium, Budapest

January 6, 1937

Should appreciate your asking Stora send me on approval Nüremberg ivoryBZ.1937.7. and jaspe sanguine cameoThis cameo of Saint John Chrysostom has not been identified. In a letter to Robert Woods Bliss, dated December 26, 1936, Maurice Stora described the cameo as “I camée jaspe sanguine, XIIe siècle, dont on demande 25,000 francs français.” (Blood jasper cameo of the 12th century, for which 25,000 French francs is asked.) Byzantine Collection dealer files, M. & R. Stora correspondence. stop authorize you endeavor secure object mentioned your letters thirteenth and twenty-thirdSee letters of December 13, 1936, and December 23, 1936. either through own efforts or through Roman friend.Wolfgang Friedrich (“Fritz”) Volbach. Writing soon. Love grandpa. Milrob.

Associated People: Friedrich (“Fritz”) Volbach
Associated Places: Budapest (Hungary)
Associated Things: M. & R. Stora, Paris
Associated Artworks: BZ.1937.7