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Robert Woods Bliss to Royall Tyler, July 6, 1949

2750 Que Street N.W.

Washington 7. D.C.

July 6, 1949.

Dear Royall,

Your letter of June 23rd, written just after Jack Thacher had lunched with you, was a most welcome sight to our eyes, even though it brought the disappointing news of your inability to leave in September to accompany us on our proposed Greek Island trip. It is really a cruel disappointment to us.

It is not decided whether we shall make the trip this year. However, I am in correspondence with BenakiAntonis Benakis (1873–1954), a Greek collector in Alexandria who established the Benaki Museum in Athens in 1930 with a collection of more than 37,000 Islamic and Byzantine objects. with a view to hiring a ketch. It all depends upon whether we go abroad or not. If we do, I think we shall probably leave the early part of August and go direct to Paris. Please keep this under your hat, however, as our plans are so uncertain. We have not even secured a steamer passage nor done anything regarding hotel accommodations on the other side.

It is too bad that you have to work so hard, and scarcely ever get away even for a week-end with Elisina. However, that encourages us to count on your being in Paris when we arrive in August—if we do!

This carries much love from us both.

Always yours,


Royall Tyler, Esquire

67 rue de Lille67 rue de Lille, the former Hôtel Duret, constructed in 1872–1874 by David de Pénanrun. Beginning in January 1949, the building served as the Parisian headquarters of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Paris VII.

Associated People: John Seymour Thacher