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Mildred Barnes Bliss to Royall Tyler, June 6, 1934

[day letter draft]

Royall Tyler, Esq 455 East 57 St. N.Y. City

Letter announcing non-receipt 4 introductions just received. Through Colony Club’s mistake they were delivered yesterday morning to Professor Oaharn,Oaharn (possibly O’Hearn) has not been identified. Natural History Museum, to Mr. & Mrs. Ogden Reid,Ogden Mills Reid (1882–1947) and Helen Rogers Reid (1882–1970). Ogden Reid owned the newspaper conglomerate, the New York Herald-Tribune, where his wife had worked since 1918. Herald Tribune, to John Finley,John Huston Finley (1863–1940), an American newspaper editor who was appointed associate editor of the New York Times in 1921. He was president of the American Geographical Society between 1925 and 1940. N.Y. Times and to Belle Greene,Belle da Costa Greene (1883–1950), the librarian to J. P. Morgan and, after his death in 1913, to his son Jack Morgan and the Morgan Library in New York. Morgan Library. Very sorry error so invonvenience [sic] you. Forgive bungle and explain mistaken delivery above. Boston impossible but endeavoring arrange see you N.Y. before fifteenth. Love from Dumbarton Oaks and its Châtelains.

Day letter June 6/34