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Robert Woods Bliss to Royall Tyler, September 6, 1934

September 6, 1934.

Dear Royall:

Many thanks for your cable about the lamp,This lamp has not been identified. In a letter to Robert Woods Bliss dated August 7, 1934, Dimitri de Gourko describes the Byzantine lamp as bronze, fifth century, and recently found in Constantinople near the Hippodrome. The price asked was 25,000 francs. Byzantine Collection, D. de Gourko correspondence file. received yesterday.

As you may have gathered from my last letter, I had some misgivings about the object and therefore wanted your knowing advice. I shall await the photographs of the ringBZ.1934.3. and diptychBZ.1935.4.a–b. with interest.

In my last letter I meant to ask if by any chance you had inadvertently carried off with you our catalogue of the Byzantine Exposition. We cannot find it high or low, and since I feel fairly sure we consulted it together while you were here I have thought it might possibly have been put into your bag. If so, would you be an Angel and return it, for we are lost without it.

Mildred writes in good vein from Santa Barbara, and I am hoping that she is really getting a bit of a rest there, though her visits are always a strain.

We are eagerly looking forward to the arrival of Betbill,The Bliss abbreviation for Bettine Tyler and William Royall Tyler. whom we shall bring down here just as soon as Mildred returns about the 18th.

Yours as ever,


Associated People: Bettine Tyler; William Royall Tyler
Associated Artworks: BZ.1934.3; BZ.1935.4.a-b