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Royall Tyler to Robert Woods Bliss, September 6, 1938

Hotel La TremoilleThe Hôtel La Trémoille, 14 rue de la Trémoille, was built in 1883 as a private residence for the Dupré family. It became a luxury hotel in 1925.

Champs Elysees



Dear Robert.

Bill has just left—very happy with the idea of USA,William Royall Tyler was interested in enrolling in the museum studies program at the Fogg Art Museum at Harvard University. He was offered the position of unremunerated assistant with post-graduate tuition free. & delighted with Mildred’s sweet letter.This letter has not been located.

I’ve just seen chez Gruel,Gruel, a bookbindery and book and antiquities business at 418 rue Saint-Honoré, Paris. The business was begun by Léon Gruel (1841–1923). r. St. Honore, half a pyx,This pyx has not been identified. depicting the raising of Lazarus. Of fine style, remarkably near the Voute Chillac pyxPyx, Coptic, sixth century, ivory, Musée du Louvre, acc. no. E 14359 (purchased in 1934). in the Louvre, for which Gruel asks 450000 f. I asked him for a photo, but he’s disagreeable & probably won’t let me have it. It isn’t a big price - & if one made a noise like one thousand bucks, he might fall. Let me know if you want it. I should rather advise it, tho’ it’s a fragment.

Frantic haste, & love to you both


R. T.

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