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Elisina Tyler to Robert Woods Bliss, April 7, 1912


April 7th 1912.Sunday.

Dear Robert,

What a wonderful bird it must be that lays such a delightful egg—and how perfectly charming it was of you to give it to me.Elisina Tyler's birthday was March 18. The egg has not been identified. I have never had such a pretty and agreeable surprise.

It almost made up for my disappointment of yesterday, which was really keen. I was doing my duty by the little incubus. at the time when you and Mildred called, and when I found your card I repeated an old old reflexion on the barren joys of meritoriousness generally, and of my stupid virtues in particular. I want to take this opportunity, when I have just received a tangible token of your kindness for me, to tell you how deeply I appreciate your acceptance of me, without question or doubt. You and Mildred have won me over to you heart and soul, since Mildred's first letter to me.

William sends his best respects and love.

Thank you again and my love to you both.

Elisina Tyler.

Associated Places: Paris (France)