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Royall Tyler to Mildred Barnes Bliss, July 7, 1925

Commissariat General of the League of Nations
Budapest, 7.VII.25Tuesday.

Dearest Mildred.

Your letter has just come, and I’m sending the enclosures to Gioia.

I was very glad to hear that Robert and his father had come through the earthquake.On June 29, 1925, the Santa Barbara, California, area was struck by a 6.3-magnitude earthquake. Mildred Barnes Bliss’s Parisian secretary, Thérèse Malye, informed Elisina Tyler on July 5 that Robert Woods Bliss, who was in California at the time, and their parents, Anna and William Henry Bliss, were unhurt, but that their home, Casa Dorinda, had partly collapsed. Really, eso nos faltaba,“We needed that.” as you say. There must be something good coming, if that isn’t the bouquet.

This is just a hurried scrawl to tell you what I trust you know already, that if I can be of any use in any way you must tell me so. I am planning to get away from here on either the 8th or the 14th of August and go straight to Antigny and not budge from there for a month, unless I have to go to Geneva early in Sept. We finished up our business in Geneva in June, so that with any luck I shall not have to go there—though I shall probably drop in for a couple of days on my way back to Hungary just to see what’s going on.

What I most want to do is have a month’s uneventful life at Antigny. Boys grow very fast at Bill’s age, and if one doesn’t take great care to keep up with them, one finds one has lost touch, and it’s the deuce of a business getting into touch again.

When I get back here, say about the 15th of Sept., I expect to be here without budging for months. Our affairs are going quite well, but they need constant attention, and we’re anxious to finish the job according to programme if possible. But any time you wanted to see me I could get away for a couple of days, remember.

Much love, dearest Mildred.

Yours ever
R. T.