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Robert Woods Bliss to Royall Tyler, June 7, 1934

June 7th, 1934

Dear Royall,

Both Mildred and I had it on the tips of our tongues innumerable times to ask if you had ever heard of a Dr. I. Révész.Emery Reves (Imre Révész in Hungarian) (1904–1981), a writer, publisher, literary agent, collector, and advocate of world peace. He is a young man who turned up here not long ago, and now claims to be a Frenchman. He came to this country some time ago to effect an exchange of articles of prominent leaders in international affairs, and if one is to believe what he says, he has made connections with important personages in Europe and England.In 1933, Emery Reves founded a publishing company, the “Cooperation Publishing Service,” known for its strong anti-Nazi positions.

If you know anything about him, could you find a brief moment to drop me a line? If not, don’t take the trouble to answer this. He is again in Washington, which is my reason for writing now.

Yours ever,