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Robert Woods Bliss to Royall Tyler, March 7, 1934

March 7, 1934.

Royal [sic] Tyler, Esquire,

Finance Ministry,

Budapest, Hungary.

Dear Royal [sic]:

Many thanks for your letter of February 19th regarding the Hungarian Tokay wines. I have found that the representative in New York has in stock what I want and have already ordered some sent here.

SipossEmery Siposs (1893–1948), Mildred Barnes Bliss’s and Robert Woods Bliss’s personal exercise trainer. has returned singing your praises!

We are just back from a week in New York and leave the day after tomorrow for Santa BarbaraCasa Dorinda. where we remain until the end of the month, but shall hurry back so as to be here to watch the garden put on its spring garb.

Please excuse this hurried line, which carries you a great deal of love from us both.


Robert Woods Bliss."Woods Bliss" is crossed out in the original letter.


Don’t fail us in June!