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Elisina Tyler to Mildred Barnes Bliss, April 8, 1912


April 8th 1912Monday.

My dear Mildred,

I hope you may not often require a doctor: but if you should, let me recommend to you most warmly le docteur Henri Chéron, 35 Rue de la Bienfaisance. He is by no means a “discovery” of mine as he is a very eminent man and very well known. II chasse de race,“It runs in his blood.” too, as his father was a great doctor.

He is a woman’s specialist. When I was 23 the London specialists, with Sir James Williams at the head of them, wanted to operate on me, and grimly prophesied all sorts of sad horrors. I shrank from the knife, and while I was in the South of France a French friend of mine told me to consult Chéron. In six weeks under his care I saw hope re-born, and in less than three months I was set up as you see me now.

I want to tell you more, but cannot write it. In the meantime I hope my words will have some weight with you. He has been uniformly kind and nice to me, and has a great regard and liking for Royall. He also, by the way, admitted your godson into the world.

I shall have to go to him some day soon for a small matter.

My kindest remembrances and love. I hope Robert is better?

Yours always aff’nately


Associated Places: Paris (France)