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Royall Tyler to Mildred Barnes Bliss, December 8, 1914

26, Egerton Crescent, S. W.

8 Dec. 1914.Tuesday.

Dear Mildred

We have taken this house,Egerton Crescent was created in Knightsbridge in the mid-1840s by James Bonnin Sr., who earlier had built the nearby Pelham Crescent. and are now waiting for William and the two servants, who were to have come over yesterday, but were delayed because they had not got their birth certificates—as you may imagine. We are worried to think of them at the mercy of the ronds de-cuir,French nickname for sedentary office workers, which refers to round leather cushions used to relieve prolonged sitting. and I am going to ask you a great favour—to send a line to William’s Manée [sic], Mlle Madeleine Lavie, 21 Quai de Bourbon, and ask her whether they have got their birth certificates and William’s and all is well, and if not—would it be possible for you to get them both red cross passes? You see one of them is from Biarritz and the other from Semur-en-Auxois, and the appealed-to mayors may tardily or never send the certificates. And could not the angel Robert deliver William a little passport—born October 17, 1910?

Don’t curse me, dear Mildred, but picture our anxiety and desire to be reunited to our offspring.

Tell Robert that they have no gloves at all like those he gave me at the A & N. Stores.Army and Navy stores. Shall I get buttoned ones of the same size?

Elisina has a sore throat and is in bed. I am trying to get this taken by the Embassy messenger.

I sent off a birth certificate of William’s yesterday, and trust Manée [sic]Madeleine Lavie. will have received it. I only speak of the little passport in case it were delayed.

Elisina sends her fondest love and both our tender greetings to Robert.

Yours always sincerely

Royall Tyler

Associated Places: London (United Kingdom)