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Elisina Tyler to Mildred Barnes Bliss, January 8, 1938 [2]

New York, N.Y.,

January 8th 1938

Dearest Mildred,

There are a few friends whom I feel I must see, for dear Edith’s sake, too, while I am with you:—Daisy Chanler,Margaret “Daisy” Ward Terry Chanler (1862–1952), an American writer, was the friend and traveling companion of Edith Wharton. She married Winthrop Astor Chanler (1863–1926), a soldier and sportsman devoted to fox hunting. Mrs. Alden,Nathalie Alden, the sister of Edith Wharton’s close friend Walter Berry. Marie Beale,Marie Beale (née Oge) (1881–1956), an American socialite and wife of Truxton Beale (1856–1936), former U.S. minister to Persia (1891–1892) and Greece (1892–1893). The Beales lived at Decatur House in Washington, D.C. and Elizabeth Lindsay.Elizabeth Sherman Hoyt Lindsay, wife of Sir Ronald Charles Lindsay (1877–1945), the British ambassador to the United States between 1930 and 1939.

I have written to Mrs. Alden, suggesting that I call on her sometime on Wednesday morning.

As I don’t know Daisy Chanler’s address, I am sending my letter enclosed to you, with my apologies!

I know you will have taken care of my meetings with Marie Beale and the Lindsays.

If you can keep me so long, I should like to take the early train on Thursday, and to have my Wednesday evening with you and dear Robert.

How lovely to see you both again.

Ever yours devotedly