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Royall Tyler to Mildred Barnes Bliss, July 8, 1915

21, Quai de Bourbon

Paris, IV.


Dear Mildred

Elisina has just come back overflowing with the happiness that nothing in the world except your very own miraculous humanity can conjure up. I know it of old, and glow at the thought of your going to EtonEton College, a British independent boarding school in the village of Eton, near Windsor, for boys aged between thirteen and eighteen years. It was founded in 1440 by King Henry VI. to see G., whose endearing letter to you Elisina showed me.On this visit, see letters of June 6, 1915, and July 4, 1915. I must write this line at once to tell you how enchanted I am that you and he are friends.

Yours always


Associated People: Gerard Grant Richards
Associated Places: Paris (France)