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Royall Tyler to Mildred Barnes Bliss, June 8, 1934 [2]

Hotel Statler



Your wire cheered me greatly, dearest Mildred, with its ray of hope of seeing you again before I sail. I had your wire in N.Y. about the letters,See day letter of June 6, 1934. just as I was leaving. I’ll try to recover the letters.

Spent the day with Hayford in the MuseumMuseum of Fine Arts, Boston. and greatly admired the Egyptian sculpture, and also the Greek collections, which are on a far higher level than those of the Metropolitan, which I saw on Wed. and didn’t like, either the objects themselves (with few exceptions) or their arrangement. The Museum here is an odd place, very poor in medieval, not an ivory, not an enamel, a few of our textiles, good Coptic, and early (Ve–VIe cent.) silks—Antinoë & Akhmim, but nothing after that. Textiles are curiously neglected in the great museums I’ve seen here. The Chinese and Jap. things here I don’t on the whole like: I’m more than doubtful about the attributions to Tang, Sung, etc. periods of practically all that are assigned to those periods. Some very good post-Columbian Peruvian rugs,One is possibly a Peruvian rug of the eighteenth or nineteenth century, cotton and wool, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, acc. no. 21.2577. which I like very much indeed.

Blessings on you, precious Mildred.

R. T.

Associated People: Hayford Peirce