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Elisina Tyler to Mildred Barnes Bliss, April 9, 1917


April 9th 1917Monday.

Darling Mildred,

I had an excellent journey from Marseilles, and a lit-salon to myself. Royall was at the station to meet me, and little William came dancing towards me, so glad to have me back, the angel pet.

I feel the good it has done me to be in moral and physical sunshine for three whole weeks, and I thank you, dearest friend of my heart, with all my tenderness and gratitude for all you have done for me.Elisina Tyler had stayed at Beauvallon-sur-Mer, possibly as the guest of Mildred Barnes Bliss. See letter of April 16, 1917.

I find Edith quite reassured by my presence, and I cannot help being moved and sobered by her dependence on my poor judgment.

I have found also a very sad but not quite unexpected letter from Wainwright saying that G.R. flatly refuses to let me see the children these holidays.

The reasons he gives are quite futile, and simply expressions of his unwillingness.

I am taking a resolve, soberly, and will let you know what I am inclined to decide.

The refusal came out in conversation, in reply to Wainwright’s remark that I should be coming over for the arranged interview.

Give my kindest remembrances to that charming Lady Paget,Probably Lady Mary (Minnie) Paget (18531919), wife of Lord Arthur Paget. Lady Paget was president of the American Women’s War Relief Fund in London. and, my darling Mildred, keep my fondest love for your dear self.

Yours ever,


Associated Places: Paris (France)