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Royall Tyler to Robert Woods Bliss, August 9, 1937


Par Arnay-le-Duc

(Côte d’Or)


Dear Robert.

Fiedler has received the 33,000.See letters of July 25, 1937; July 26, 1937 [1]; and July 26, 1937 [2]. Many thanks. He has been doing his best to contract the insurance and have the object sent off, but there are difficulties. LloydsLloyds of London, a British insurance company. will want one of their men to inspect the object. Fiedler sends me copies of all his correspondence on the subject, and I am satisfied that he is not losing any time.

The terribly distressing news has just come that Edith had a stroke, and is paralysed on her left side.

Pour Elisina is deeply smitten, but of course she’s glad to be with Edith and to do all she can.

Much love to you both

R. T.

Fiedler has also tried to insure with Swiss companies, but the latter now refuse to insure works of art, having had bad experiences. We shall have to wait for Lloyds to do it in their leisurely way.

Associated People: Edith Wharton; Hermann Fiedler