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Elisina Tyler to Mildred Barnes Bliss, June 9, 1916


June 9th 1916Friday.

Dearest Mildred,

I was so very much grieved for you, when I heard from Lizzie CameronElizabeth Sherman Cameron (1857–1944), an American who worked with Edith Wharton and Elisina Tyler and was the intimate friend of Henry Adams. the dreadful ordeal you had gone through.The nature of the “dreadful ordeal” is unknown, although it must have involved Mildred Barnes Bliss’s recent trip to England. On April 4, 1916, Edith Wharton wrote Elisina Tyler: “Poor Mildred! What a ghastly adventure! Why weren’t they allowed to go back to Southampton till the boat sailed?” Edith Wharton mss., box 3, The Lilly Library, Indiana University, Bloomington. Poor, poor pet! When you are able to see me and GiezstorJosé de Gieysztor (also Giezstor and Geystor); see letters of April 27, 1921; March 10, 1922; and April 18, 1922. I shall be very happy to come with him.

Bless you, dearest Mildred.

Yours ever.


Associated Places: Paris (France)