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Royall Tyler to Mildred Barnes Bliss, March 9, 1927

League of Nations

Many thanks for your card,The whereabouts of this card are unknown. dearest Mildred. I have to be back in Hungary on the 16th inst., and I have a meeting in Rome on April 2nd.

Then the Byz. Congress at BelgradeRoyall Tyler and Hayford Peirce delivered the talk “Two Landmarks in Tenth Century Byzantine Art” at the Deuxième Congès International des Études Byzantines, Belgrade, April 14, 1927. The talk was published as “Deux monuments dans l’art byzantin du Xe siècle,” Aréthuse 16 (July 1927), 1–8. from April 6th to 11th, and then a few days of visits to Serbian monasteries. Then I mean to come to France, and will certainly come to Paris to see you before May 5th.Royall Tyler visited Mildred Barnes Bliss in Paris on or shortly before May 3, 1927; see letter of May 3, 1927.

Everything has gone very smoothly here this time for me and my Hunkies.

The newly discovered Budapest RembrandtPossibly Scholar at a Table with Books and a Candlestick, now attributed to a follower of Rembrandt, Szépmüvészeti Múzeum, Budapest. doesn’t look very good to me. But I wish you could see the lesser Dutch masters there—a most delightful collection of them found sur place“On the spot.” by one Eszterházy 200 years ago.The core of the Old Picture Gallery collection was formed by the Eszterházy family, who brought it to Budapest from Vienna in 1865. Then consisting of 637 paintings, 3,500 drawings, and 51,000 prints, the collection was bought by the Hungarian state in 1871 as part of the Szépmüvészeti Múzeum that was founded in 1896 and inaugurated in 1906.

Much love to you and Robert.

R. T.

Associated People: Hayford Peirce