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Elisina Tyler to Mildred Barnes Bliss, August 10, 1916

Côte d’Or

August 10th 1916Thursday.

Dearest Mildred,

If you are free on Thursday next 17th, at 3 o’clock, won’t you come to our Children’s Colony at St. Ouen,This “colony” was one of six established by the Oeuvre des enfants des Flandres (Children of Flanders Rescue Committee); two of these colonies—the château Vieux in St. Ouen and Sèvres—were lace schools [updated March 2, 2020: This note originally indicated that the colony in Sèvres was in Paris; there was a colony at École Brazillier in Sèvres and one at 67, rue de la Santé, in Paris]. See Ida Clyde Clarke, American Women and the World War (New York and London: D. Appleton and Company, 1918), 462–63. In 1915, Edith Wharton made Elisina Tyler a vice president of two charities, the American Hostels for Refugees and the Children of Flanders Rescue Committee, over the latter of which Elisina was effectively in charge. For Elisina Tyler's role in these charities, see letters of April 19, 1915; April 27, 1915; May 17, 1915; June 6, 1915; July 4, 1915; August 21, 1915; September 12, 1916; September 30, 1915; and October 6, 1915. when the Cardinal Archbishop of Paris is going to confirm a number of our little girls, and I am to be their “Godmother?” Apart from the support your presence would afford me, I should so much like to show you one of our colonies. We are also going to have a little show of their lace-making and other class-tasks. Do come, there’s a dear dear Mildred! The correct address is

Chateau Vieux

rue St. Denis,

St. Ouen (Seine)

and it is 20 minutes by motor from your door.

I have come down here for a little solace and peace, and found both. Dear Royall looks much better, and William looks very well, and is running a bit wild, but enjoying his lawless state.

I have had splendid weather until today, when “St. Laurent, pluie et vent”Essentially in rhyme: “St. Lawrence, rain and wind.” The feast day of Saint Lawrence is August 10. came up to the expectations of the faithful. I hope it won’t last long, as I have only just recovered my walking legs.

I shall be in Paris on Tuesday. I shall telephone to you to ask if I may lunch with you either Friday or Saturday.

My very best love, and our kindest love and messages to Robert. Best love to you from Royall and William.

Ever your devoted


Associated Places: Paris (France)