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Royall Tyler to Robert Woods Bliss, August 10, 1935


Par Arnay-le-Duc

(Côte d;Or)


Dear Robert.

I was delighted to hear that you had bought the Philoxenus diptych.BZ.1935.4.a–b. I think it is a very good buy.

You may be sure I’ll keep the other matter you mention under my hat.The possible sale of prints and drawings from the Albertina Museum, Vienna. See letter of July 17, 1935 [1]. They have been selling for years past—indeed when I was at the Rep. Cn.Inter-Allied Reparations Commission,an international commission established following the First World War and the Paris Peace Conference in 1919 by the Allied governments to consider the issue of war reparations from the defeated Germany and the central powers. The commission was abolished in 1929. in Paris one of my duties used to be to pass on applications from them (and from the picture GalleryKunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna.) for leave to sell, which had to be obtained from the Rep. Cn. because of the then subsisting lien. At that time, permission used to be limited to things that could be regarded as duplicates, or as unimportant, and the proceeds of sales had to be employed in buying other things for the Colln.

Well, here we are, Hayford and I, at last, at work on Vol. III.L’art byzantin. We hope the old gentleman’s state may allow Hayford to stay here a month or more.

Much love to you both.


R. T.

In the last 10 days, I’ve been in 14 different countries!

News from Edith Wharton continue to improve.

Associated People: Hayford Peirce
Associated Things: L'art byzantin
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